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New To Bitcoin? Here Is A Brief History For You To Understand It Better

Bitcoin has had a tumultuous past. It has seen many ups and downs. Even though Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that was launched way back in 2008, there were many people who had predicted the rise of digital currencies way back in the 1980s.

Here Is Why Monero Mining Is Becoming Popular Amongst Cryptocurrency Miners

With the passage of time and the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the competition for crytocurrencies is increasing day by day, both for mining and for purchasing them outright on Cryptocurrency Exchanges. There are newer products and coins being launched on a regular basis, taking the opportunity of the crazy demand for fantastic returns in the cryptocurrency market. However, most of them do not make it to people’s consciousness as they do not perform the way it is expected to.

Here are 10 Blogs that saw the most interest amongst customers for the month of October

October was a somewhat disappointing month for cryptocurrencies.  During this month, the entire crypto market lost about $18 billion of its already declining value, and that too in a course of a few days. Many cryptocurrencies lost a significant part of their value- Bitcoin was down 5%, Ethereum 12% and XRP 18%. However despite this gloom, there are green shoots in the market- more and more people are getting interested in investing in virtual currencies. There is no doubt that, in future, cryptocurrencies will play a greater role in everyday lives of people.

Let us now see how the cryptocurrency market is changing with these blogs that have been published during the month of October

Bitcoin Gold- The Next Forked Split Of The Most Valuable Cryptocurrency

Those who own Bitcoins now have an exciting reason to rejoice. Another variant of the cryptocurrency is due to be launched soon tentatively called Bitcoin Gold(BTG).

This variant will improve on Bitcoin’s technology by changing the way the rewards are given, thereby changing the very competition for the coins. This will be done through a ‘hard fork’ done earlier in August 2017 when Bitcoin cash was launched.

The last time this ‘hard fork’ was done, Bitcoin owners rejoiced as they got a bonanza of billions of Dollars  almost overnight.

With this expected fork, industry observers are expecting something along similar lines, but the final results may be a little different than what is expected.

Buying Bitcoin cash for the first time? Here’s what you should know

When you purchase Bitcoin Cash, you need to ensure that it does not lie in an Online Cryptocurrency Exchange account. This makes the Bitcoins susceptible to fraud and hacking attempts. You should move the Bitcoins in a secure wallet that is certified by Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash.