Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2019

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2019: Bitcoin (BTC)

If anyhow, you’ve only heard of one cryptocurrency, it’s perhaps Bitcoin. It is the biggest cryptocurrency —it at present has a 40%i share in the total cryptocurrency market cap! It is the eldest cryptocurrency and it still dominates in the market.

Then, if Bitcoin carries on with to increase as it did in 2017, then investing in Bitcoin might be a good idea for 2019.

The price of Bitcoin changes significantly every day and has seen many corrections over the last few years.


Here’s how Bitcoin transactions are done

Buying Bitcoin is not as simple as you may think. Agreed, on the face of it, the whole process of buying Bitcoin looks pretty simple, but behind the scenes there is a lot going on that you may not know about. When you buy Bitcoin through an  Online Bitcoin Exchange, your bitcoin wallet and network go through a series of steps to ensure that you get the right amount of money in your wallet.


Five Stand-Out Pros of Crypto as a Smart FinTech Innovation!

Cryptocurrencies have officially established themselves as a worldwide revolution, a digital currency that is secure, fast and oh-so-reliable. Based on the technology of Blockchain, there is nothing that the decentralized brilliance of cryptocurrencies cannot do.

A visionary alternative to traditional money exchanges such as cash or credit cards, digital currencies or cryptocurrencies have more endless possibilities to it.

The potential is large at hand with multiple possibilities yet to be explored.

Everyone views cryptocurrencies as a monetary means that is involved in all the wrong activities such as financial trading mediums for illegal transactions by criminals, scammers and fraudsters that is tough to be argued on owing to the underground doings being done on the Dark Web.


Bitcoins Economical Globalization: How Online Bitcoin Exchanges Are Transforming Fintech

The word “bitcoin” is being thrown around so much that almost everyone has an idea of what it’s all about. Being introduced by the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto; Bitcoin has steadily worked its way for dominating every side of the online community. Starting with buying phone credits to shopping for clothes online, there is no financial transaction that the Cryptocurrency Exchange is not good for. This singly has contributed to the popularity of bitcoin as a monetary system that continues to go unregulated.


Bitcoin Exchanges: 10 Things to Help You Zero In On the Best BTC Trading Platform!

Bitcoin exchanges are the most popular trading scheme opted-by crypto investors all around the world. Figuring out how to buy a Bitcoin once you have forayed into the crypto market calls for you to understand the foundation of cryptocurrency exchanges or in this case, Bitcoin exchanges as it is the first step.

Bitcoin exchanges are not free; they demand a fee just to look at the various exchanges owing to its immense celeb status.

If you are a crypto enthusiast, you probably plan on investing in Bitcoin sooner or later whereas if you are an ardent crypto user who has previously had bad experiences with online platforms then you understand the importance of opting for the right portal. Either way, a standard Bitcoin exchange platform is viable to score a crypto homerun in the long run!

Before we see some crypto-changing tactics to successfully get trading in the FinTech universe, let us have an insight to BTC.