Bitcoin Gold- The Next Forked Split Of The Most Valuable Cryptocurrency

Those who own Bitcoins now have an exciting reason to rejoice. Another variant of the cryptocurrency is due to be launched soon tentatively called Bitcoin Gold(BTG).

This variant will improve on Bitcoin’s technology by changing the way the rewards are given, thereby changing the very competition for the coins. This will be done through a ‘hard fork’ done earlier in August 2017 when Bitcoin cash was launched.

The last time this ‘hard fork’ was done, Bitcoin owners rejoiced as they got a bonanza of billions of Dollars  almost overnight.

With this expected fork, industry observers are expecting something along similar lines, but the final results may be a little different than what is expected.


Buying Bitcoin cash for the first time? Here’s what you should know

When you purchase Bitcoin Cash, you need to ensure that it does not lie in an Online Cryptocurrency Exchange account. This makes the Bitcoins susceptible to fraud and hacking attempts. You should move the Bitcoins in a secure wallet that is certified by Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash.


A beginner’s guide to Ethereum and how to buy it

Ethereum is an open source blockchain platform from where you can mine the ‘Ethereum’ cryptocurrency. First released in July 2015, Ethereum has now become one of the most traded cryptocurrencies, its value is just behind that of Bitcoin. Ethereum is a distributed digital public blockchain network, where  miners work to earn Ether, a token currency which is also used for paying transaction fees and services on the distributed network of Ethereum.


5 Components That Influences The Pricing Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s value has seen periods of extreme volatility. Between November to December 2017, it increased 223 percent, before falling 59% by February 2018. By March 2018, it dropped again by about 40 percent.

This does not mean that you need to give up on Bitcoins or cryptocurrencies altogether, there are a few reasons for which the volatility exists. These reasons are somewhat similar to that of the stock market. Lets discuss them in detail.


The Roadmap for Cryptocurrency start-ups

Currently, people know about cryptocurrencies only from what they hear in the news. Opinionated news articles judge the way people look at Cryptocurrencies and blockchain, two emerging technologies that can have a really big part to play in our future. There are many start-ups that are working in this domain, but sadly, very little is known about what they do and how they are bringing in a change with the help of the blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. Investments in these start-ups have almost doubled since last year, with Evonax, the world’s largest Cryptocurrency Exchange.