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The price of any crypto commodity depends on so many factors. However, some traders believe the trading volume of crypto has nothing to do with the price. Well, there’s no such thing as volume has nothing to do with the price. Although it might not be the same with other cryptocurrencies, while it might not be so pronounced in some, the fact remains that volume is one of the price determinants. So, what is trading volume? It is simply the total amount of trading taking place at a particular time. However, it is also essential that we understand the concept of liquidity, which is the amount of that crypto that is available for trading at a single price. So, it is safe to assume that the higher the volume of the cryptocurrency transacted, the more liquid the crypto community becomes. 


How to adapt to cryptocurrency ads regulations. Evonax

One of the main problems in the crypto community is the issue of acceptability. While some parts of the world have been moving on to accepting, some others have been having issues with comprehending what crypto is all about. Cryptocurrency and its acceptance have grown. Nonetheless, it still hasn’t gotten to the peak of its growth, and the only way to enhance this is by advertising. The issue of crypto advertisement is another problem facing the crypto community, which is pulling the growth of the crypto community.


Economic Bubbles and their shortcoming: is crypto a bubble?

Before the advent of cryptocurrencies, we’ve always relied on traditional fiat centralization. However, these two have since then had several issues, from mismanagement to distrust and inflation. These problems have led to various economic bubbles, which have left the financial sector with one problem or the other, even around the world. Since there are causalities in the world, it’s important that we weigh the causes and effects, as several concepts adopted by the central banks need to be revised to combat these economic bubbles. Note that if cryptocurrency is to be the next economic bubble, there are several successful tips on how to overcome and win against cryptos.


Payments with cryptocurrency becoming more mainstream on social media

Why is the payment with cryptocurrency becoming more mainstream on social media platforms? In this article, Evonax lists those companies that are behind crypto payment becoming mainstream


Cryptocurrency Wallets, Private and Public Keys Roles in Transactions

You need a place to store your cryptocurrencies, the same way you need a physical wallet to protect your cash, credit cards and other portable and mobile assets. When you purchase a cryptocurrency from any cryptocurrency trading platform, you have two options. You either leave the keys to your crypto in the account, or you can choose to move them to a cryptocurrency wallet. Just like your physical wallets stores your cash when you are not using them, a cryptocurrency wallet stores your cryptocurrencies for future trade and exchanges.