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The Numerous Repercussions of Linking 5G with Blockchain

When the technology of the Internet of Things (IoT) was awakened in digital devices, multiple analysts cited the major security concerns that it would give shape to.

The inception of 5G to the crypto market however changed this belief as the wave of 5G would singlehandedly bring about a change in the speed of the data rate, diminish latency, save energy, lessen overhead costs, enhance data connectivity and be more competent to manage bigger systems.

No April Fools Drill: Why Bitcoin Will Skyrocket To $100 Trillion Because Of the US Dollar

Bitcoin is scaling unimaginable new heights as the recent market capitalization news indicates that the crypto king will cross the $100 trillion mark based on the background research carried for the US dollar as well as the cryptocurrency.

The Inflating Trend of Dollars

April Fools Day just passed around the corner of the calendar and although it was full of pranks like every year, the one thing that did not seem as a joke was the breakout news that declared that the US dollar’s buying price will carry on with the daily blows and drastic number falls

Round-Up Article for Some Crypto-Enriching Blogs by Evonax in March

The month of March usually clocks in a dry spell as the momentum of the New Year comparatively dies down and that’s usually the case with all sectors except for cryptocurrencies – The digitally encrypted currency is setting new benchmarks for FinTech and proving that 2019 is going to be a lucky year for crypto.

From battling it out at a recession zone, crypto has come a long way and as an online cryptocurrency exchange platform that deals in crypto matters, we have narrowed down our top blog picks for the month of March that will get you crypto-engaged in no time!

Monero Wallet Address: How to Create One and Use It Online

The entire crypto world thrives on Bitcoin but before this crypto king was as eminent as it is today, it was still undoubtedly the most popular cryptocurrency that was a favourite of all crypto users who got exchanging on the Dark Web. And even after years, Bitcoin has managed to remain a true crypto triumph.

Although crypto has some fascinating revelations that are still to be explored, other cryptocurrencies and Altcoins should be given if not completely, part of the attention. What people do not understand is the reason why many cryptocurrencies are ranking low is because they have not had enough investors who are willing to take risks and give them a chance. A small investment of even 20 dollars could in the long run, give way to a great cryptocurrency to bloom.

Bitcoin versus Traditional Money: A Debate Weighing Crypto's Mettle in FinTech

Since its inception, Bitcoin has been the glamour factor for FinTech revolutionizing everything that the market stands for and more. The year of 2017 proved to be the year of Cryptocurrency Exchanges when Bitcoin hit an all-time-high and sent cash registers ringing in a frenzied rush.

Bitcoin has come a long way since then. It has stumbled, grappled and jumped money lapses all the while successfully scaling massive new heights every day.