Security Guide to Keep Your Cryptocurrencies Safe

The cryptocurrencies are getting popular day-by-day and it has been the centre of attention for many investors and miners alike. The cryptocurrencies themselves are secured, all thanks to Blockchain protecting its data transfers and account details. But the Blockchain can only extend itself to the limits to the cryptocurrency data. Once you mine the coins or invest and get some coins the coins can only protect themselves from getting corrupted whereas the wallets are vulnerable to theft and attacks.

There are many measures that are recommended by many “so-called” security experts to protect your wallets. These methods are not necessarily foolproof secured as there are many tools and technologies evolved enough to bypass the security that you have employed. The only thing that is possible is to make the security robust enough to make it time-consuming for the attacker. If your security measures are robust enough to consume the time of the attacker, the attacker will most likely search for an easy target rather than continue their attack on you.

The wallets that are available in the commercial market are of two types that are cold storage wallet and hot storage wallet. The cold storage wallet is offline storage so the attacks are very least expected whereas the hot storage wallets are always connected online and is prone to various kinds of attacks. There are many types of hot storage wallets that are connected to the internet such as paper wallet, mobile wallet, desktop wallet, etc. For this kind of wallets, security is a must-have factor. Here are some steps to follow to keep your wallet safe from any kinds of attacks.


Things to Consider Before Choosing a Cryptocurrency Exchange Service

The cryptocurrency is the most lucrative market where investors are investing in various crypto coins on a large scale. Crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, Bitcoin cash, Monero are some of the favourite coins of investors in which they invest. There are many investors who are in business for a long time having earned profits and are investing in multiple cryptocurrencies. This has given them a wide scope of profit and has made their investment less prone to market losses.

But the small-scale investors who have just started don’t have enough funds to start making it hard for them to secure their investments. Even with the fewer funds, small-scale investors have found a way to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies by exchanging existing cryptocurrencies for the desired cryptocurrencies. This has given a whole new dynamics to the crypto coin trading business. As the number of investors is increasing in every crypto coin the market value and demand of all those crypto coins has also increased with it.

It is wise to use exchange services if you don’t have enough funds for buying multiple crypto coins. The exchange services can provide you access to your desired crypto coins in exchange of other crypto coins and even normal currency. But there are many factors to consider before you chose your cryptocurrency exchange platform. These below-given factors will help you access the cryptocurrency exchange service that you select.


Types of Crypto Coin Wallets

There are many articles on the internet that states the benefits and future of cryptocurrencies and even few particular crypto coins. This convinces many new investors to invest in the cryptocurrencies, but in reality, this only helps them through half of the way. These new investors need guidance regarding the investment storage. You cannot store these cryptocurrencies in your regular banks or in your regular wallet.

Many people investing in cryptocurrencies are confused regarding the crypto-coin storage options and select the cheap ones that are available in the market. They are mostly unaware of the options that they have for storing their crypto coins. The wallets are digital safes that are specifically designed to store the crypto coins and keep them secure from any attacks and data manipulation. There are basically two types of cryptocurrency wallets which are hot wallets and cold wallets.


How to mine Dogecoin?

The Dogecoin, also known as meme crypto coin is a digital cryptocurrency whose brand was influenced by a meme. Since the inception of Dogecoin in 2013, the coin has been gradually gaining profit. By the year 2015, the meme crypto coin had 100 billion coins in circulations which created a whopping market value of the Dogecoin $64 billion USD by 2018. The Dogecoin is preferred by investors and miners alike because of the technological benefits that Dogecoin offers to its users.

The Dogecoin is governed by the same technology that covers the number one crypto coin, the Bitcoin. Even though the Blockchain influences both Bitcoin and Dogecoin, the outcomes of both are different because of the technical limitations. Where the Block time of Bitcoin is 10 minutes, the block time of Dogecoin is 1 minute that makes Dogecoin much faster than Bitcoin. The experts at Bitcoin are in a constant attempt to make the system of Bitcoin better but currently, there are many crypto coins such as Dogecoin that is trending while Bitcoin makes mends itself.

Apart from the investors, the miners are also getting interested in the coin. The technology enables the miners to mine Dogecoin with ease. There are many beginners that are looking to mine Dogecoin but due to lack of knowledge, they are unable to mine. Here is a guidebook for such beginners who are looking to mine Dogecoin.


Facts to Know About Litecoin Mining

The cryptocurrency has not only become a subject of interest for investors, but it has also attracted many beautiful minds across the world. The challenging questions and tests have attracted the interest of programmers who look to prove themselves. There are several crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc that are being mined across the world.

The Litecoin is an upcoming cryptocurrency which has started to catch along with prominent crypto-coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. Just like the crypto coin Litecoin, mining of Litecoin is also becoming popular. The reason that Litecoin is popular because of only 84 million LTC ever existed that created scarcity. The Litecoin transaction fee is also done at cost-effective rates that can really be sent across the world.

But as the Litecoin has started gaining prominence, the competition has also been fierce. This has made the process of mining Litecoin much harder for miners. Here are few things that you should consider while mining Litecoin which will help you perceive the process of mining.