Top 8 Cryptocurrencies worth Investing In

The cryptocurrency investment industry has grown rapidly in the past few years. The industry of cryptocurrency has seen many cryptocurrencies that have revolutionized the way the business is conducted. The investors have become vigilant regarding the choice that they make regarding the cryptocurrency investment. Each cryptocurrency is different and they all use different technologies to achieve the same result.

However, many budding investors find it difficult to find a cryptocurrency to invest in. The different technologies and methods confuse these investors. There are many cryptocurrencies in the market that it is hard to speculate the ideal cryptocurrency that will satisfy the investment with the profit and that also covers the factors such as market value and capitalization. Such decisions should not be made based on false rumours and popular beliefs. Here are some factors and common market beliefs that these investors should understand that will help them select the ideal cryptocurrencies which are worth investing in.


Where Has Blockchain Technology Reached After Ten Years?

The Blockchain technology is recognized as one of the full proof database storage facility in the world. The fact that the data cannot be duplicated or corrupted makes it an effective option for many transaction-based software and digital currencies. Many major players of cryptocurrencies have adapted this technology and have integrated it into their systems. It has been around for almost ten years after it was founded by the first cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin. The Bitcoin gives its major credit for business success to Blockchain as it has made Bitcoin trustworthy even though it was new to the market.

The Blockchain follows a long chain of computer users that keeps safe the same data within so that the data cannot be tampered with. The introduction of Blockchain was initially and majorly in the field of currency and the transaction field. But as it was further developed by developers, it opened new gates to many sectors such as social media, military application, education, healthcare, etc. Here is a brief view of what is Blockchain and where has it reached after ten years since its invention.


Round-Up Article for Some Notable blogs by Evonax in April Month

Here is a brief view of Articles of April month by This shows the readers the influence of cryptocurrency in the world market and in the businesses of investors from all over the world. Many of these articles also show insight on some popular cryptocurrencies and their benefits.


Why Dash is becoming the Investor’s New Trend?

The cryptocurrencies are becoming the new method of investment. The market value of the cryptocurrencies is much more stable than traditional stocks. There are many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, and Dash that investors prefer as an investment across the globe. Out of all the above-mentioned cryptocurrencies, Dash is gaining more popularity because of its potential as an investment.

The technology that Dash coin implements, is one of a kind that has attracted many miners. This had lead to many investors to consider Dash for investment. The market value of the Dash coin is making it a stable choice for investors. In a world where Bitcoin rules crypto coins, Dash coin is making strides with the benefits that it has to offer its clients. There are also many other vital features that play a great role in the upcoming of Dash coin. Here are some more features and benefits that make Dash a new trend for investors.


Security Guide to Keep Your Cryptocurrencies Safe

The cryptocurrencies are getting popular day-by-day and it has been the centre of attention for many investors and miners alike. The cryptocurrencies themselves are secured, all thanks to Blockchain protecting its data transfers and account details. But the Blockchain can only extend itself to the limits to the cryptocurrency data. Once you mine the coins or invest and get some coins the coins can only protect themselves from getting corrupted whereas the wallets are vulnerable to theft and attacks.

There are many measures that are recommended by many “so-called” security experts to protect your wallets. These methods are not necessarily foolproof secured as there are many tools and technologies evolved enough to bypass the security that you have employed. The only thing that is possible is to make the security robust enough to make it time-consuming for the attacker. If your security measures are robust enough to consume the time of the attacker, the attacker will most likely search for an easy target rather than continue their attack on you.

The wallets that are available in the commercial market are of two types that are cold storage wallet and hot storage wallet. The cold storage wallet is offline storage so the attacks are very least expected whereas the hot storage wallets are always connected online and is prone to various kinds of attacks. There are many types of hot storage wallets that are connected to the internet such as paper wallet, mobile wallet, desktop wallet, etc. For this kind of wallets, security is a must-have factor. Here are some steps to follow to keep your wallet safe from any kinds of attacks.