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Bitcoin Transactions: How Do They Work?

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency there was and from the looks of it, it definitely looks like this crypto supremo is not going anywhere for a while. Here’s why you should know how Bitcoin transactions actually work.

In the crypto world, it is simple. Bitcoin is the ruler and the rest of the crypto sectors love this digital currency. And everyone has a good reason to.

Roundup Blog of January!

January is a time of rejuvenation and the notion holds alike even when it comes to crypto. For every crypto aficionado, New Year is a time of resolutions as well as a period of exploring new innovations and bringing the crypto market to rule FinTech once again. If you are one of those crypto aficionados looking to scout some vital crypto-related information then you are in the right place as Evonax has rounded up some solid article picks from the month of January.

A Brief Introduction Of Dogecoin- The Cryptocurrency Made As A Joke

All the cryptocurrencies existing in the market are made with one basic aim- to help its holders gain value from the currency over a point of time. Dogecoin, however, was intended to be different. It was created with two main goals in mind, one as a joke to the insanely high valuations of various currencies present in the market and the second being that it should be readily accessible to anyone who needs  this virtual currency.

Created in 2013 by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus, Dogecoin gradually became famous as it used the popular Doge meme with various witty names to describe it. This was an innovative marketing campaign that wasn’t used before, giving Dogecoin the publicity it needed to become famous through the internet.


Cryptocurrency is back and with a bang! The year of 2019 commemorates a decade of crypto, it really has been 10 years since cryptocurrency was started and the first crypto, "Bitcoin" was introduced to Fintech. The revolutionary innovation sent finance-crazy enthusiasts into frenzy, tongues began wagging and registers started brimming to the brink.

Move on from Bitcoin- here is a brief introduction of Litecoin

The media has created a lot of hype over Bitcoin, currently the most valuable cryptocurrency. But the buck doesn’t stop here- other cryptocurrencies are also performing very well, if you aren’t comfortable investing in the highly (over)valued bitcoin, you can also invest in many of the other cryptocurrencies that are available for you in the market. One great investment opportunity for you comes with Litecoin, often dubbed as the ‘Digital Silver’ of the cryptocurrency world.