7 Significant Reasons to Buy Monero in 2021

Monero is scaling economies as one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the crypto market. The prime reason for the ever-growing popularity of Monero is its security and the development of confidentiality that has made coin owners cite Monero Cryptocurrency as a phenomenal advancement for the crypto realm.


Round-Up Article for Some Interesting Crypto Blogs by Evonax in April

Stepping into May, we have clocked in four months of 2019 that have been pretty interesting for the crypto market so far. Picking some much-needed momentum in April, popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Monero and Ethereum have scaled novel advancements as far as exciting crypto innovations go!

Things have started to look much better for cryptocurrency as it is renewing its status and proving major financial assets that it is a worthy opponent that will emerge as a true winner in the end. Here, we have narrowed down to our favourite blog picks for the month of April.


Why Legal Experts with Blockchain Technology Knowledge Are In High Demand

In modern times, the demand for legal experts who hold excellent know-how about Blockchain technology and how it works are currently large as stated by the managing director of Major, Lindsey & Africa, Brian Burlant, a recruiter for big law firms and in-house legal departments.


Fundamental Analysis of Litecoin’s Price Increase

The most recent analysis that determined Litecoin’s substantial increase over the years indicates that since its inception to its current price stats, Litecoin’s price has surged to a massive 140%+.

Reason #1 – Litecoin Marketing

Undoubtedly, Litecoin marketing at a large has played a huge, probably the biggest of roles in Litecoin’s price boom.


5 Things Blockchain Should Consider for Universal Adoption!

Emerging as the modern technology that acts as a linkage between cryptocurrencies, Blockchain is revolutionizing the crypto world marking FinTech as one of the biggest sectors out there. With such powerful digital mechanisms to serve the finance sector, there’s what Blockchain should equip for itself in the future.

Every crypto enthusiast loves this and every frenzied amateur knows about this. Clearly, Blockchain is a popular concept in the crypto market and deserves every bit of success it owns.