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Crypto State of Affairs: Where Are The Law Abiding Citizens Of The Cryptomarket?

Cryptocurrency is a legal monetary terminology, often frowned upon by people is deemed as illegal even when the government considers it not to be?

Cryptocurrency has been in our world for quite some time now, however, it was only last year i.e. in 2017, that the term 'Bitcoin' became the talk of the town and word of mouth spread fast with everyone discussing or dealing in crypto matters.

Bitcoin was treasured at a stellar $18,000 USD only to see it tumble and gasp for air amidst the bedlam and fall by huge numbers to not lose its crown but undoubtedly lose its value. On top of that, Reserve Bank recently took the momentary decision to appraise cryptocurrency as an illegal money exchange, commanding banks all over India to close their doors. The banks followed lead and hatched all means to get through to cryptocurrencies.

Giving Bitcoins as a Christmas gift

Bitcoins has seen an impressive run. In the years since it launched way back in 2009, its value has skyrocketed a number of times to ensure that it becomes one of the best ways to invest your hard earned money. Just like how people gift shares as a way to express gratitude, you too can gift your near and dear ones with Bitcoin. With the holiday season fast approaching, here are some of the ways you can gift Bitcoin to your loved ones.

Cryptocurrency for Business Progression

Cryptocurrencies are transforming the entire way digital transactions are processed and there are multifarious reasons for your business to add a cryptocurrency payment option.

It's been a while since crypto was brought back and although the crypto market did have it rough this year, cryptocurrencies are still here to stay and how. Fintech is prospering and many businesses have welcomed crypto with open arms, the latest fad in the market that makes one stand out.

Want To Make “Coins” With Bitcoin? Here Is How You Can Do It

Bitcoin, the trendiest tech storm of all times often leads to speculation if one can actually earn real money from its impeccable investment approaches.

The word "Bitcoin" surfaced in 2017 again after nine years since the inception of cryptocurrency in 2009, the year of the birth of Bitcoin.

The crypto market boomed and the industry went berserk. The rich piled more money and the rest went scampering to fill their wallets and join the Bitcoin bandwagon, the hottest trend of last year. One might wonder, was the hype for Bitcoin worth it? Let's see. It was at the very start of 2017 that Bitcoin's value crossed the $1000 mark, the highest it had ever witnessed since its kickoff. The market went crazy and if you ask us, for good reason. Soon after in December 2017, the Bitcoin value reached a mouth-watering $17,900 USD.

Cryptocurrencies and Banking Have Joined Hands: Why a Crypto Bank Is Better Than a Traditional Bank

Crypto markets are fluctuating and while cryptocurrency values are gasping for air amidst the bedlam, ventures to establish cryptocurrency banks in the crypto world have kicked off.