Bitcoin Halving is coming up in May 2020 - Overview of Bitcoin Halving

In may 2020, Bitcoin will experience its third seminal block reward halving, which means that the Bitcoin blockchain is set to reduce the amount paid to miners per block to 6.25 BTC. This means, that fewer BTC will be released to the eco-system everytime a new block is mined and will result in a lower supply of Bitcoins. It is a milestone that is easy to see coming because it happens every four years and has happened twice before.  


Exchange Crypto to PayPal

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Regulation of Cryptocurrency Exchange Around the World

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is constructed with cryptographic rules. This helps to make the digital transfer secure and genuine. One notable thing about cryptography is that it is not controlled by any of the central authorities. This assists in easily conduct some transactions with ease through public and private keys.


Is It Right Time To Invest In Monero Cryptocurrency And How To Do It

Monero is a leading cryptocurrency with a more focus on privacy and censorship resistance transactions. It is an untraceable system. Bitcoin and Ethereum have transplant blockchain transactions everyone can see the transaction done on blockchain in the world. Monero uses special type of cryptography so that the transactions are 100% untraceable. The symbol of Monero is XMR and it has supply of 18.4 billion coins. Some of the key features of Monero are privacy, fungibility and decentralization.


Impact of Cryptocurrency in the Growth of Economy

Cryptocurrencies have become a new trend in the world of investment for its reasonable benefits. Generally, Cryptocurrency is digital or virtual money that takes the form of tokens or coins and specially designed to work as a medium of exchange.

The process of permitting customers to trade Cryptocurrencies for the other assets is termed as the Cryptocurrency Exchange in the global market. The main objective of Cryptocurrencies is to act as an excellent alternative for the present forms of money and enabling the secure transaction. Since inception Cryptocurrency has a huge impact on the developing economy and here is the detailed information about that.