A Dummy’s Guide About Dogecoin- One Of The Most Popular Cryptos Out There

Most of us know about Bitcoin very well. This is all thanks to the fantastic valuations that Bitcoin has got over the past few years. However, with Cryptocurrencies as a whole, there are many other coins that are gaining popularity for various other reasons. Dogecoin is one of them.

This is a crypto coin that was founded by programmer Billy Markus as a joke a few years ago and is now worth a cool $53 million with about 117 billion Dogecoins in circulation.

For those of you who are sceptical of DOGEcoin, here are some questions answered.



Cryptocurrency has revolutionized the way paperless exchanges make their way around the world and it's about time all sectors start adapting crypto to buoy up a digital eco-system.

Modern digitalization is here and it is in the form of cryptocurrencies, a digitally encrypted currency that came back in the news recently and dethroned all traditional currencies with Bitcoin leading the way and bringing about a capital insurgency. Bitcoin exchanges gained momentum and soon the world believed in the power of crypto.

The excitement that cryptocurrencies brought over was short-lived as what once made people stop what they were doing and turn their heads at breakneck speed was now a half-burnt jittery candle.  The reason for this cloudburst that observed a major downfall for all cryptocurrency values was as Monero exchange matters were still new to be comprehended and complicated to understand for most people.



Cryptocurrencies were all set to win this decade, however the biggest festival celebrated all around the world, 'Christmas' could be the worst time of the year for the crypto market.

Let's be real.

Christmas is the most awaited festival and undoubtedly, the best time of the year. As for the crypto market, cryptocurrencies have maintained a top spot as one of the hottest trends of the 20th century, gripping the attention of investors considerably and being in news time after time for its brilliant discoveries every day.

The crypto market has been through a lot and cryptocurrencies have faced their own hardships where the crypto value graphs constantly fluctuate and some days hit an all time low. Since 2013, cryptocurrencies were doing favourably well for themselves and the crypto market was cleaning up nice, almost at par with traditional currencies.


Crypto State of Affairs: Where Are The Law Abiding Citizens Of The Cryptomarket?

Cryptocurrency is a legal monetary terminology, often frowned upon by people is deemed as illegal even when the government considers it not to be?

Cryptocurrency has been in our world for quite some time now, however, it was only last year i.e. in 2017, that the term 'Bitcoin' became the talk of the town and word of mouth spread fast with everyone discussing or dealing in crypto matters.

Bitcoin was treasured at a stellar $18,000 USD only to see it tumble and gasp for air amidst the bedlam and fall by huge numbers to not lose its crown but undoubtedly lose its value. On top of that, Reserve Bank recently took the momentary decision to appraise cryptocurrency as an illegal money exchange, commanding banks all over India to close their doors. The banks followed lead and hatched all means to get through to cryptocurrencies.


Giving Bitcoins as a Christmas gift

Bitcoins has seen an impressive run. In the years since it launched way back in 2009, its value has skyrocketed a number of times to ensure that it becomes one of the best ways to invest your hard earned money. Just like how people gift shares as a way to express gratitude, you too can gift your near and dear ones with Bitcoin. With the holiday season fast approaching, here are some of the ways you can gift Bitcoin to your loved ones.