Bitcoin - Here’s the history of the first cryptocurrency

Modern day economics is based on how a government issued currency is used. There are certain rules and regulations that banks, financial institutions and other individuals and entities need to follow when dealing with government issued currency. Theoretically this currency is based on the value of gold- meaning that you can exchange your currency for gold if needed. However, most governments print more money than needed to cover up all the expenses of the government. This many a times results in the decrease in the value of the currency


Want to invest in cryptocurrencies Here is why Litecoin is a viable option

Cryptocurrencies have come a long way ever since Bitcoin was launched way back in 2009. There have been various ups and downs , but generally many people are getting attracted towards it as a viable long term investment opportunity.  This is because Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have seen its values increase dramatically in the times to come- Ever since it was launched, Bitcoin has seen its value increase 1,731 percent while its lesser known competitor Litecoin has gained a whopping 7,000 percent. There is no doubt that due to this fantastic increase people are converting their Dogecoin To Litecoin, their Bitcoin To Litecoin  to invest for a better future.  For those of you who are still wondering why Litecoin has gained so much against Bitcoin, here are 3 main reasons why investing in Litecoin is a much better prospect than investing in other cryptocurrencies.


Thinking of Bitcoins Here are 3 ways of getting them

Being a cryptocurrency, Bitcoins have a very flexible way in which you can procure them. It is one of the first virtual currency that was introduced way back in 2009. From having a value of almost nothing a few years ago to being worth more than a hundred Billion Dollars in market cap in recent years, Bitcoin has seen its popularity rise amongst all other cryptocurrencies in the market currently.

For those who see the traditional regulated fiat currency model as prohibitive, decentralised cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin comes as a great way to invest and trade without any barriers put forth by regulators. There are many ways in which you can get Bitcoins, let us see how.


Trading in cryptocurrencies. Here are some useful strategies you can follow

In recent times, investment in cryptocurrencies has become one of the best ways to park your money for growth. There is a lot of scope of getting handsome returns from your crypto investments, if you do it well and  without making rookie mistakes. Here are a few trading strategies you can follow to ensure you meet your investment goals


Factors Influencing Liquidity Of Bitcoins

One of the best features of Bitcoin is its liquidity. For those of you who do not know about liquidity, it is the ‘degree to which an asset is most realisable at a short notice without a loss, according to a definition by renowned economist John Meynard Keynes. This means that liquid transactions are the best for short term investments or when you need money urgently. Generally, shares and forex are seen as extremely liquid assets, but now buying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin on Online Bitcoin Exchanges  are also seen as a great way to invest in liquid assets. However, the liquidity of Bitcoin is influenced with due to a variety of factors, let us discuss some of them.