Want To Make “Coins” With Bitcoin? Here Is How You Can Do It

Bitcoin, the trendiest tech storm of all times often leads to speculation if one can actually earn real money from its impeccable investment approaches.

The word "Bitcoin" surfaced in 2017 again after nine years since the inception of cryptocurrency in 2009, the year of the birth of Bitcoin.

The crypto market boomed and the industry went berserk. The rich piled more money and the rest went scampering to fill their wallets and join the Bitcoin bandwagon, the hottest trend of last year. One might wonder, was the hype for Bitcoin worth it? Let's see. It was at the very start of 2017 that Bitcoin's value crossed the $1000 mark, the highest it had ever witnessed since its kickoff. The market went crazy and if you ask us, for good reason. Soon after in December 2017, the Bitcoin value reached a mouth-watering $17,900 USD.


Cryptocurrencies and Banking Have Joined Hands: Why a Crypto Bank Is Better Than a Traditional Bank

Crypto markets are fluctuating and while cryptocurrency values are gasping for air amidst the bedlam, ventures to establish cryptocurrency banks in the crypto world have kicked off.


What you can expect when working for a crypto startup

If you tell someone that you work for a start-up, they will instantly relate to that as being someone who is extremely successful and is ‘cool’. People will want to know more about what you do for a living and they will be quite interested in what your start-up does.

There are many cryptocurrency start-ups working all over the world today. Some are based on the blockchain, while others are based on the Online Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Whenever you say you work for  a cryptocurrency based start up, there will always be a lot of interest and curiosity regarding what you do.

 This is because for people outside the realm of cryptocurrencies, it is just another way of making money and parking your funds for investments.


Hard forks and Altcoins- What’s the difference?

For those of you who are new to the cryptocurrency world, hard forks and altcoins  may be alien words. However, the logic behind this is actually quite simple. All of this has started with the launch of Bitcoin a decade ago. To understand what Hard forks are, you need to know how Bitcoin works first.


Crypto Market: Should Cryptocurrency Be Given Another Chance?

The crypto market saw a major breakthrough for cryptocurrencies, observing the highest sales of all time in 2017; only to see it lose its crown and spiral all the way downhill in the blink of an eye.

In recent years, the news of Cryptocurrency surfaced with ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) being the talk of the entire industry, giving a whole new meaning to digital transactions. The Internet was the driving force that rode cryptocurrencies to skyrocket to unbelievable heights.

What looked like the new age digital manifestation that gripped investors to well, "invest" big bucks or cryptocurrencies by large numbers, soon saw the crypto market crash and burn. The notion that had been established in the industry that crypto was going to change the world, vanished in a jiffy. So what led to the downfall of cryptocurrencies?