More secure than ever before

Your security is one of our 4 main objectives of From today not only exchanges, but all activity on are encrypted behind a https certificate.


Support for Feathercoin and Vertcoin

We have worked on some serious background magic that makes Evonax even better. In fact, we are now supporting even more Crypto coins than before. Say hello to Feathercoin and Vertcoin!


Did you know?

Crypto coin are a true revolution and will be the future. Start today on


Customers from more than 70 countries

After only 2 months online, we now service customers from more than 70 countries. That’s just amazing! Thanks for your overwhelming interest and support.


Introducing fixed exchanges

Check out our latest feature at – fixed exchanges! Just enter the amount you want to receive and we’ll tell you exactly how much you need to send.

This great new feature enables you to make instant payments on sites that only accept Bitcoin with your Peercoin, Namecoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin, without thinking about exchanging the coins first. Instant hassle-free cryptocurrency payments with all the most popular coins.

Give it a try: