What crypto coins are the most popular?

Every day, week and month we handle lots of exchanges in different coins from people around the world. But what crypto coins are the most popular? Take a look at our brand new infographic and get a answer. #welovetransparency #cryptocoins

  1. Bitcoin (part of 88% of all exchanges)
  2. Dogecoin (part of 71% of all exchanges)
  3. Paycoin (part of 16% of all exchanges)
  4. Litecoin (part of 14% of all exchanges)
  5. DASH (part of 5% of all exchanges)
  6. Feathercoin (part of 4% of all exchanges)
  7. Vertcoin (part of 2% of all exchanges)
  8. Namecoin (part of 1% of all exchanges)


Introducing Repeat Exchanges

Evonax just launched an exciting new feature we would like to share with you. Say hello to ‘Repeat Exchanges’ – another Evonax.com revolution and the ultimate tool to crypto coins miners.

Miners are the core of the crypto coin system so we created a unique feature to make mining a lot easier. Miners can now make one initial exchange and then continue to transfer coins to the same deposit address.

All future transfers will automatically be exchanged and sent to the address initially provided. Miners can now mine any of the coins we support and instantly exchange them to something less volatile, like Bitcoin, without dealing with complicated API’s and other technical stuff.

Again making crypto coins easier to deal with for everyone.

Feel free to try it out today: www.evonax.com

We specialize in giving users easy access to the most popular crypto coins without the need for accounts. Fast, easy, secure and anonymous. Just like crypto coins was meant to be.


Support for Darkcoin

Great news! We now support Darkcoin. Buy, sell or exchange Darkcoin today at Evonax.com. Get started here: https://www.evonax.com


More secure than ever before

Your security is one of our 4 main objectives of Evonax.com. From today not only exchanges, but all activity on Evonax.com are encrypted behind a https certificate.


Support for Feathercoin and Vertcoin

We have worked on some serious background magic that makes Evonax even better. In fact, we are now supporting even more Crypto coins than before. Say hello to Feathercoin and Vertcoin!