5 ways to help you to always keep a track of your crypto investments

It doesn’t matter how large or small your crypto investments are you always need a way to efficiently track them. You can do this by following all kinds of news articles, changes in the market rates, and other tidbits by understanding the Online Cryptocurrency Exchange or  how the cryptocurrency market is behaving at any point of time. This knowledge is crucial if you need to rebalance your portfolio or if you need to make strategic investments through the Cryptocurrency Exchange.  Here are 5 ways you can always keep a track of the dynamics in the cryptocurrency market.


Best Cryptocurrencies Available On Evonax Today

Some say that the cryptocurrencies are the future of economics. Others disagree. Whatever your stand is, there is no doubt that these virtual currencies have become extremely popular in the past 8 years, being valued at about US$170 billion.  It all started with Bitcoin, the most famous of all cryptocurrencies, and then many others were launched thereafter. For those of us who are still clueless of the various cryptocurrencies available in the market today, let us discuss the various cryptocurrencies available in the Online Cryptocurrency Exchange available today.


What you need to know before investing in Monero -XMR

Whenever we think about cryptocurrencies, we generally talk about Bitcoin or Etherium, the ones which are most famous of them all. However, there are other cryptocurrencies that are also gaining rapid popularity, part due to their inherent USP’s which put them in the top 10 club of the most mined and traded cryptocurrencies in the world. Yes, we are talking about the mining and Exchange of Monero, traded as XMR.


Why Should You Buy Litecoin As Your Cryptocurrency Investment?

The cryptocurrency is a profitable business which has been used by investors to generate great profit for them. The generation of digital currencies has arrived and the people who are engaged with cryptocurrencies are ahead of the game. It all started with the introduction to Bitcoin back in 2009 where it revolutionized the currency transaction industry. It fortified the security of fund transfers as we know and the cryptocurrencies became the new savior of investors. People started to deviate towards Bitcoin and blockchain.

The introduction to Bitcoin also gave birth to Litecoin which was considered as the clone of Bitcoin. But Litecoin was actually different than the Bitcoin which was later understood by the investors. These investors understood that the Litecoin was much different than Bitcoin when they considered the block time of the cryptocurrency. Litecoin was much more adaptable with the investors because of the faster transactions when compared with Bitcoin. Here are some reasons that you should buy Litecoin when you think of investing in cryptocurrencies.


Litecoin- a genuine alternative to Bitcoin

Many of us who have heard of cryptocurrencies relate it only to Bitcoin. However, there are other much better alternatives to Bitcoin which are available in the market which operate in a similar fashion to Bitcoin. Litecoin, traded on the Cryptocurrency Exchange as LTC is one alternative that is gaining prominence in the market. Its total value in the market currently stands at about US$ 3.47 billion, with one Litecoin costing US$59.25 approx.

Litecoin was established in 2011 by ex-Google employee Charles Lee. It was considered the fork of Bitcoin, solving some of the flaws of Bitcoin. Litecoin gained popularity from 2013, when a significant jump in its value occurred catapulting it to the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world.