Why Grit Is the Key to Successful Blockchain Investing

Angela Lee Duckworth once stated in her TED talk how her research of studying different age groups to identify what success factors were followed by students, it led her to discover that the key to the success of a student was not their IQ, instead it was grit.

A revelation like this does lead one to believe the truth in her statement as a gritty outlook on life will indeed allow a person to explore various field and apply this success factor to all aspects and that would even involve fields such as an Instant Cryptocurrency Exchange. Following in the lieu of the grit attitude, even crypto-concerned enthusiasts have coined their own term known as HODL. The HODL is much similar to the grit attitude and actually means "Hold on for dear life" - A phrase that is well-suited and extremely important to remember when you are dealing in crypto affairs.


Successful Tips on How to Overcome and Win against a Crypto Bubble Burst

The year of 2017 proved to be a mighty year for crypto when the market erupted and the world saw something that was absolutely unprecedented. Since then a lot of crypto traders have time and time again stated that the period between October 2017 to December 2017 observed the biggest bubble like never seen before for most cryptocurrency’s values.

The people, who survived this phase, underwent through intensive investment practices during the .com bubble and came to an agreement with themselves that the multiple Cryptocurrency Exchanges technologies are taken way out of contrast so much so that everyone hypes them up for a while and yet fail to determine their value when it comes to the long haul.

So, here are a few tips and learnings that you can consider for how to overcome and win against a crypto bubble burst.


A History of Bear Markets

Although the US stock market skyrocketed when 2019 kicked off, the rally's liquidation ended up raising a red flag for investors alerting them that the future of the bull market was at stake - The longest run for the bull market that almost lasted for about 10 years was to result in a barren field i.e. bear market at last.

And because it has been years since the last bear market took place, all the investors involved in Cryptocurrency Exchanges have almost disregarded their past experiences with one. As for the relatively younger investors, it seems unlikely that they will ever learn how to cope up with this stigmatic surprise.


What is the Difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Long before people still could not expect what digital cash could possibly do, a revolutionary cryptocurrency known as the Bitcoin took birth in FinTech and you can only wonder what happened next - The Bitcoin took the world by a storm and literally paved a pathway for new virtual currency innovations to come into light.

Although initially, only a few people were quite sold with the idea of Bitcoin, the Bitcoin went on to become one of the most popular currencies to ever exist. The astonishing fact about this development was that it achieved its immense success all in a period of 7 years and it was not long after that, that people turned to Online Bitcoin Exchanges resulting in the widespread adoption of Bitcoin.


A Beginners Guide to Mining Bitcoin Cash

Every crypto enthusiast yearns at least once in their lifetime of trading cryptocurrencies to partake in a Cryptocurrency Exchange that involves mining Bitcoin Cash for their personal monetary gains.

Mining is basically a process of figuring out the solution for complex mathematical problems. In the crypto realm, miners are an integral asset as their objective is to sanction transactions as legitimate exchanges while at the same time also playing a huge role in allowing new tokens the go ahead for circulation.