Litecoin- a genuine alternative to Bitcoin

Many of us who have heard of cryptocurrencies relate it only to Bitcoin. However, there are other much better alternatives to Bitcoin which are available in the market which operate in a similar fashion to Bitcoin. Litecoin, traded on the Cryptocurrency Exchange as LTC is one alternative that is gaining prominence in the market. Its total value in the market currently stands at about US$ 3.47 billion, with one Litecoin costing US$59.25 approx.

Litecoin was established in 2011 by ex-Google employee Charles Lee. It was considered the fork of Bitcoin, solving some of the flaws of Bitcoin. Litecoin gained popularity from 2013, when a significant jump in its value occurred catapulting it to the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world.


Why Investing In Dash Cryptocurrency Is A Profitable Option?

The Dash cryptocurrency has been a prominent cryptocurrency since it was founded. The year 2014 was a golden year for cryptocurrencies as cryptocurrencies were getting discovered by investors. Although being the new crypto in the market, Dash was able to gain popularity among the investors. The Dash cryptocurrency was a tough competition for many established and new budding cryptocurrencies. The main reason behind it was the quality of the service that Dash provided.

The Dash cryptocurrency was originally forked from Bitcoin protocol which is an open source cryptocurrency. It is a form of decentralized autonomous organization which is controlled by “masternodes” who are a subset of users. The fact that Dash cryptocurrency is decentralized makes it a perfect cryptocurrency for the investors who are in the lookout for a profit. The Dash has been a cryptocurrency that has helped many investors to gain a great profit by investing in Dash. In spite of the success of Dash, there are only a few investors who actually trust in Dash. Here are some reasons which can justify why you should invest in Dash.


Significant Tips to Make Money by Trading and Investing In Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrencies are the new generation gold coins which are really valuable in this time and age. The cryptocurrencies have been around for just a decade during which it has gained a wide user base. The main reason behind this popularity is the security and privacy that cryptocurrencies provide. Apart from that, the cryptocurrencies are decentralized and not under the control of any government entity. This gives the user the privacy which they want when transacting large amount to other accounts.

There are many investors who invest in cryptocurrencies and gain a great profit from the investment. The cryptocurrency is a great profit mine where you can generate profits from the investment that you have made in cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies have a greater market value which can be cashed for FIAT currencies if you know where to sell it. There are many Cryptocurrency Exchanges from where you can buy cryptocurrencies in exchange for other cryptocurrencies or FIAT currencies. These cryptocurrencies can also be sold for other cryptocurrencies or FIAT currencies on these platforms. Here are some tips which will help you make money from trading and investing in cryptocurrencies.


Why Should You Invest In Ethereum In 2018?

The cryptocurrency industry has shown us its many forms which can be categorized as the types of cryptocurrency. The technology which governs the cryptocurrencies is different which differentiates the cryptocurrencies. Ethereum is one of the cryptocurrencies that has given the industry a different approach towards cryptocurrencies. The Ether coin (the Ethereum cryptocurrency) is developed with the help of Ethereum (decentralized platform development program) which made the cryptocurrency different than other cryptocurrencies.

Being the first of its kind, Ethereum was an instant hit considering their initiative in social working. A major part of their income was given to charity and their foundation was backed by many fortune 500 companies. This gave Ethereum cryptocurrency a boost which affected their investment ratio which made Ethereum the second best cryptocurrency in the world. It became one of the best investments that you could own. The Ethereum in the year 2018 seems promising for investors and here is why.


Round-Up Article for Some Informative blogs by Evonax in the Month of September

The month of September was a mixed bag for the cryptocurrency market. There have been many hits and misses when it comes to valuations, with the market cap falling from $240 billion to $192.1 billion within a week and then rising to $227 billion by the end of the month. Evonax has been tracking the entire market for quite some time now and through this blog, has been helping people like you understand how the markets work. Let us take a brief overview at all the top articles for the month of September.