Here is a guide to buy Bitcoins anonymously

March 08, 2019 Quick read

There are billions of people living on Earth. In some of the most backward and impoverished regions, many people do not even have an identity of their own. These people do not have birth certificates, marriage certificates or other legal documents.

These are the people who are ‘unbanked’ where formal banking sector cannot reach. This is more prevalent in the emerging economies and least developed countries where people are poor and do not get the fruits of development. For people in those contries who want to be a part of the fledging cryptocurrency scene, they can always buy Bitcoin and other alternate cryptocurrencies online without the need of an ID card. However, investing online in Bitcoin anonymously is quite challenging, it requires you to follow a few steps. In total there are three ways in which you can invest in Bitcoin without requiring an ID Card.

Let us see some of the places where you can invest in Bitcoins sans ID.

Bitcoin ATMs

These ATMs can be found in many places all across the world. Here, you can buy Bitcoins by using a debit or credit card (you can borrow your friends’ and pay him later if you do not have a card). However, a few Bitcoin ATMs will require you to scan your hand or your eyes for security purposes.

Using a Prepaid Debit card for buying Bitcoin

If you have a wad of cash but want to buy Bitcoin, you can first buy a prepaid debit card which will allow you to buy Bitcoins online through Bitcoin exchanges. This gives you an opportunity to park your money in an investment medium that can grow exponentially in the future.

Trading other altcoins for Bitcoin

If you have other cryptocurrencies, you can trade them for Bitcoin on cryptocurrency exchanges like Evonax. This is a great way of buying into the most valuable cryptocurrency available. By doing this, you are eliminating the various charges and fees that you may need to pay if you are buying cryptocurrencies online through cash, debit or credit card. This way, you can Convert Monero To Bitcoin, Dogecoin to Bitcoin and many other cryptocoins to Bitcoins.

Generally, it is seen to be difficult to buy cryptocurrencies without an ID. However, with online exchanges like Evonex, everything seems like a breeze. With the help of cryptocurrency exchanges like Evonax, you can ensure that you make online crypto transactions without worrying about anything. Yes, there has been some regulations in the market for cryptocurrencies, but if you are living outside of the US, you can always do anonymous cryptocurrency transactions online without worrying about the authorities catching you.