This Is How You Securely Buy and Store Ethereum

The cryptocurrency industry is flourishing as new cryptocurrencies are getting introduced to the industry. It all started with the introduction of Bitcoin a decade ago where it promised its user base a secure mode of transaction. This went out to be an inspiration to other developers and compelled them to develop a better system than the preceding cryptocurrency. There came many altcoins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc that changed the face of cryptocurrency industry by providing the user a better solution to all the issues the users were facing.

Ethereum was one of the coins in the list that was recognized as the unique coin in the industry of the cryptocurrency. The Ethereum is ranked second in the list of top cryptocurrencies in the world. The reason behind this success is the algorithm it works on and the features that it provides to the users. The technology of the Ethereum is way ahead of its time and is received as one of the most robust and efficient systems in the cryptocurrency market. Investors are pulling all their resources together to buy and store Ethereum for future use.

There are many new investors who are unaware of the sources to buy and store Ethereum and are looking for a reliable platform from where they can get them. Here are some of the most reliable platforms in the industry where you can buy and store Ethereum.


Different Types of Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrencies are a virtual form of currency that can use for trading and buying new things that you can buy with FIAT currency (normal currency). This method of payment is really different than the traditional payment method where the payment gateways are different and even the currency is different because it is completely decentralized and doesn’t come under the jurisdiction of any government body. Hence the rates of transfer and the value of each cryptocurrency are different. The whole system of cryptocurrency is controlled by a technology widely known as Blockchain.

The system that governs the cryptocurrency is really popular and is considered as one of the secure methods of storing and transacting. There are many different versions of Blockchain that makes each cryptocurrency different than each other. This difference in technologies occurs to satisfy the different needs of users and this can create certain advantages and disadvantages for the cryptocurrencies. But before you look for the advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrencies you must know about different types of cryptocurrencies that are present in the market. Here are some different types of cryptocurrencies that can help you understand the potential of cryptocurrency in a better way.

There are mainly three types of cryptocurrencies that have influenced the market on a core level. They are Bitcoin, Altcoins, and Tokens. These three cryptocurrencies define the cryptocurrencies as we know it and here is a detailed description of each type of cryptocurrencies in the market.


Top Cryptocurrency Myths That Revolves Around the Industry

After the arrival of the Bitcoin in the industry, cryptocurrency was considered as the invention of the century. Although this recognition was not easy to obtain since there were many criticising people that didn’t believe in the potential of the cryptocurrencies. Over the years, cryptocurrencies have always risen up to the occasion and proved to the critics that they always have something more to offer.

Even though these cryptocurrencies attracted a lot of fame, there have always been a lot of myths that revolved around cryptocurrencies over the years. Many of these myths have prevented many investors to invest in the cryptocurrencies that could have been their ticket to a fortune. These myths have also been around the mainstream media that has caused a lot more of distress to investors and have discouraged many new budding investors from investing in this versatile market.

These myths were mostly generated for a particular cryptocurrency by their competitors and some unsatisfied users. But as cryptocurrencies were mostly inspired by each other the myths started to comply for all cryptocurrencies. These myths are being debunked as cryptocurrencies are evolving in the terms of technology. Here are few more theories that would put some other myths to rest.


Why All Your Concerns Regarding Bitcoin Are Futile And Unnecessary?

The industry of cryptocurrencies has established their strong foothold in a short span of ten years. It has gradually turned itself into a billion-dollar industry where each coin is worth thousands of USD regardless of their brand. The market value of top cryptocurrencies is different and totally depends on the trading volume of the cryptocurrency.

Out of all the cryptocurrency, the number one cryptocurrency Bitcoin has the most trading volume rate and hence the best market capital in the industry. The current market capital of Bitcoin is $111 billion USD and a market value of $6,520 USD. But, these numbers were much higher during December 2017. The market capital of Bitcoin during December 2017 was around $330 billion USD which was its peak price ever. This sudden drop in the last six months has many investors scared to invest in Bitcoin.

Even though the price of Bitcoin has gone down the Bitcoin is still considered as the top cryptocurrency. The developers and authorities at Bitcoin are making sure that their users don’t face any loss by learning from their competitors and improving their technology according to the latest user demands. Here are some facts and data that will suggest to you that Bitcoin still remains the best cryptocurrency and above all the best source of investment in the world.


Everything You Need To Know About Passive Cryptocurrency Investment

The cryptocurrency is a multi-billion dollar industry that has attracted many investors in the past decade. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies that were born after the introduction of Bitcoin. This encouraged the investors to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies at once enabling them to gain more profit out of each cryptocurrency. These multiple investments have also allowed the developers to earn passive income from the cryptocurrency.

The passive investment has become a trend for the investors from all around the world. Before Bitcoin came in people used to derive passive income from real estate, limited partnership, and other enterprises. The cryptocurrency and its market provided investors a new chance to reel in fast profit that can be categorized into a passive income. The investors understood of holding cryptocurrencies and earning income from that investment. Holding a cryptocurrency investment is one of the best strategies in the industry. But the investor should be wise with the selection of the cryptocurrency that he/she wishes to hold. If you make a viable selection of cryptocurrency for holding, everything falls on the strategies that you employ for earning passive income. Here are some of the cryptocurrencies that are worth investing in and some full proof strategies that will be helpful for you to earn passive income.