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What is Cryptocurrency?

In relative terms, a cryptocurrency is a virtual currency or a digital monetary scheme that employs encrypted coding or in simpler terms, 'cryptography' aimed to secure your digital currency exchanges. The idea behind cryptocurrencies is easy to grasp, the science behind it however goes beyond the subject of digital currencies.

Digital currencies are widely popular and hence formidable regulation by strong cryptography is accounted for the entire crypto market to keep a collective tab on the innumerable cryptocurrency exchanges that take place in a day meant to ensure that conception of crypto extras does not destabilize the values of multiple digital currencies.

Instant. Secure. Reliable.

Cryptocurrencies are an advanced development for FinTech as the biggest catch of crypto is that it is not regulated by any third-party authorities or government parties. Our most popular opted cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, followed by Ethereum and Monero.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges: What Are They?

Cryptocurrency exchanges in a nutshell are online platforms or websites used for cryptocurrency trading. Any individual seeking to partake in a cryptocurrency exchange can buy or sell cryptocurrencies in exchange of other digital currencies or traditional currencies such as Dollars, Pounds or Euros as well as other financial resources on an exchange platform.

A crypto trader willing to exchange competently on a more official online exchange platform with unique tools will need a verified account whereas those looking to make a simple direct trade will have no need to own an account. At Evonax, no cryptocurrency exchange requires any type of registration.

Evonax allows every individual to exchange any cryptocurrency for other cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

When you start out on a crypto venture, the first thing you are introduced to is a cryptocurrency exchange that is most likely to be carried out by you as you commence into the crypto market. Here at Evonax, we deal with the main type of exchanges that is currently present in FinTech.

Cryptocurrency to Cryptocurrency Exchanges (C2C)

C2C exchanges authorize cryptocurrencies to be traded with each other on the go and are currently a trending category of instant exchange to take place in the crypto market. According to a recent survey launched by us, the most popular cryptocurrency exchange opted by any cryptotraders is converting monero to bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms: The Types

Till date, there are types of cryptocurrency exchange platforms to co-exist in the crypto market - The exchange services verify the values of the cryptocurrencies and assess an ace platform for the cryptocurrency exchange.

Trading Platforms

Trading platforms are basically marketplaces that connect potential buyers to multiple sellers who work in the crypto market and can collectively "buy" or "sell" cryptocurrencies. The individual associated in the trading process is only allowed the liberty to interact with the platform and not with their respective "buyer" or "seller".

Countless websites exist in the market that links the traders and charges a definite fee that is cumulated at the end for every transaction that is sanctioned. Evonax is a trading platform that deals in online cryptocurrency exchanges.

Direct Trading

The cryptocurrency exchange platform ensures that instead of communicating entirely with the online portal, the platform avails services in which the buyers and sellers can carry trading directly with each other. Simply, two individuals or parties from different countries can easily exchange currencies on a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows direct peer-to-peer trading.

Direct trading exchanges do not have any fixed market prices; on the contrary, both the parties involved come to an understood agreement where the seller decides on a genuine exchange rate.

The main objective of the directly traded exchange is to provide the involved individuals with services apropos of escrow and transaction mediation services.

Things to Consider while Opting For the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

A simple cryptocurrency exchange may sound great but in not as notoriously easy as it sounds. A little research can go a long way to make your trading venture a light breeze.

Here are a few things to consider before opting for the best instant cryptocurrency exchange that is most suitable for your trading especially if it is your first exchange.

Verification Requirements

Every individual commencing on an exchange journey should be aware of the verification requirements beforehand. Cryptocurrency exchange platforms and Bitcoin trading platforms that are based in countries like US or the UK generally demand verification namely an ID, either to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Most cryptocurrency exchanges especially private exchanges will require you to submit some sort of identity proof, justifiably in the form of your driver's license, passport, designation proof or your proof of residence to assure the person involved in the exchange is genuine.

At the same time, some exchanges will be absolutely anonymous and require no extra identification verifications except for an account ID. Registering for verification by a wallet ID may seem like a major hassle and in the long run does impart security by protecting an individual against criminal activities and scammers. Also, as Blockchain Technology is decentralized, more and more exchange platforms are adapting no registration methodologies that do not demand any sort of verification from you. At Evonax, we allow both practices: The user is free to decide if he wishes to register or not. What we believe is - If you are a registered user, the safer your exchanges will be !

Exchange Fees

When someone thinks of buying something from a website, the first thought that comes in the mind of one is the fees. Usually, in most cases the cryptocurrency exchange platforms do mention detailed information regarding fees on their online sites.

Before registering with a platform it is suggested that you understand how exchange fees work - Find out what fees will be included when you transact or withdraw cryptocurrencies.

For every exchange you opt for, the fees may calculated on a specific basis and can differ based on the trading website you are associated with. As per our knowledge, almost every exchange platform out there charges a fee to allow you to trade on their sites. While signing up or engaging online with a particular cryptocurrency exchange platform do ensure that you know what the site does, how it works and what it charges. Evonax advances on the practice of charging absolutely no fees as our exchanges are just as free as they are reliable.

Payment Methods

An important thing to take into consideration while making an online payment, every individual should first check the various payment methods available on the cryptocurrency exchange platform. Does the site support online payment by credit or debit card? Does it boast of an advanced wire transfer? Does the site support the perks of making a payment by any online payment systerm?

If the cryptocurrency exchange platform does not support a lot of payment options or payment methods that you usually opt for then it is suggested that you make smart choices when selecting a website for your trading preferences.

Do remember that when you make a payment by using a credit card, you will always have to comply with the verification requirements that come along with a digital payment system; in the long run this will expose you to the risk of heavy processing fees as well as fraud. As for wire transfers, buying a cryptocurrency will take much more time as banks usually tend to take a longer processing time.

Exchange Rates

Every exchange will have their own exchange rate. Extensive research may lead you to discover convenient exchange rates if you look around at different cryptocurrency exchange platforms. For a lot of instances it has been noticed that exchange rates waver between 10% to even more sometimes.

It is important to be an active user with an online cryptocurrency exchange platform that charges sincerely or nil rather than going online with a website that charges stringently as that is extremely unprofessional.


Every cryptocurrency exchange comes with its own baggage. But almost every time, the authentic and the superior sites will have crypto user raving positively as well as spreading awareness by a certain word of mouth.

A great practice to know more about an exchange platform is to refer the net and go through reviews posted by crypto individuals and other popular cryptocurrency exchange platform names in the market. The best exchange platforms in the market will undoubtedly be credited by worldwide crypto users.

Geographical Boundaries

The world may be big but regulatory laws however are not. It is vital to opt for a cryptocurrency exchange that can be accessed in your particular geographic region or country. In many instances, certain exchange platform features will only be restricted to some countries whereas the countries that are not included will not be able to access the various crypto functionalities.

Ensure that the exchange allows you to gain complete access to all the tools and features provided by the platform based on the country that you reside in so as to avoid unnecessary obligations in the future.

Certain exchanges will only be available to every country in Asia but not cater to Europe. It is suggested to go for a cryptocurrency exchange platform that does not adhere to any geographical boundaries and is country-resilient.

Evonax as a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

As an online cryptocurrency exchange platform, Evonax solicits only elite cryptocurrency trading schemes for crypto users all around the globe.

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