Will 2019 Be The Year When Crypto Hits Another Bull Run?

March 05, 2019 Quick read

Crypto sectors are slowly regaining their place in the financial market and investors are confidently scourging for new trends in 2019 that could change the way Cryptocurrency Exchanges have proven to be a success for the crypto industry.

Crypto Throwback: 2018 in a Nutshell

For crypto, 2018 was in every way possible outlandish and it is safe to say that no one who ever predicted the fall of the crypto market saw it coming this way. The year started off on a bad note and the entire year was about the revival of cryptocurrencies to no end.

To sum it up, crypto had a rough 2018 where majority of it went behind crypto wizards taking out all wands and potions to desperately claim back all of the encrypted currencies.

Truth be told, nothing is lost. From the looks of it, 2019 is already proving to be a far better year for crypto than 2018 ever was. And let's be honest, how can anything become worse than this? Now let's understand what next could be in store for the thriving crypto market.

Crypto's Cashflow

Before the famous crypto kickoff of 2018, cryptocurrency exchange platforms were seeing some major cashflow registers ringing in but after the year actually commenced it was nothing less that money mayhem. Surprisingly, the foreshadow retorted that crypto would never find its bounce back and how wrong has everyone been about this.

The cryptocurrency exchanges have helped Bitcoin to successfully regain its status and climb its way back onto the charts marking it top on all digital assets.

Now institutional investment platforms can easily secure funds, garner more eager investors and get bigger firms on the same side to win more crypto cash on a super secure platform.

Reliable Use Cases

Cryptocurrency investors can deal in crypto matters without needing to spend fiat cash or exiting crypto just to access fiat payments.

Now more merchants are looking for crypto-to-crypto payment schemes and following suit, many companies are opting to expand their space in the crypto environment. Most crypto users want to give away their capital and the same goes for businesses.

An observation has led us to overlook at the e-commerce sector growing twice in size since the time it was started and most people believe that by 2021 it will reach new heights of success. The forecast goes hence that the revenue of the e-commerce payment industry will go from $528.2 billion to $885.4 billion.

Since then crypto activities like mining and staking have drastically gone down but luckily getting new awards on crypto holdings have taken shape. Crypto-to-crypto payment and crypto banking schemes have proved to be more successful and efficient than traditional banking schemes.

The Answer: Stablecoins

Still a topic for infants, stablecoins has multiple safe funding options that can adeptly store Bitcoins and Altcoins.

Basically, what stablecoins does is act as a platform for banks and businesses for crypto and all matters crypto. What everyone believes is that, stablecoins and security tokens are next in line for businesses and start-ups who wish to score funds.

All one can do is wait and get equipped for cryptocurrency exchange platforms to get crypto active!