How Much Time Does It Take For Bitcoin Transfers?

June 29, 2018 Quick read

Bitcoin is one of the best cryptocurrencies in the market which ranks at number one in the cryptocurrency market. Apart from being the number one, it is also the first cryptocurrency that was ever introduced to the world. The blockchain technology that it employs is impeccable and completely secure. Even now, it is considered as a secure system that governs the best cryptocurrency in the world.

This security and features of blockchain are possible because of the techniques that it employs to make the transactions possible. The transactional details are stored on each node on the network so that the details cannot be altered or corrupted by any third-party. Hence the back up of each data bit is stored on the blockchain. This system is long and complex which means that the process of currency transfer might be different than traditional cash transfer. Here you can see how long does it take for Bitcoin transfer and the reason behind it.

Bitcoin transfer time

Bitcoins are generally transferred to wallets ones the investors acquire them for safe keeping. The wallets are a safe place for any amount of Bitcoin. But the transaction time that it takes is yet another question where regardless of the wallet, Bitcoin in common takes the same amount of time to transfer. A Bitcoin transaction can take up to 60 minutes to a couple of days depending on the confirmation. To make the transfer, each node in the blockchain should accept and acknowledge to transfer only after which the transaction will be successful.

As Bitcoin is a prominent cryptocurrency there are several users who need to transfer and needless to say that the confirmation time on Bitcoin is more because of fewer people that are confirming the transactions. Hence the transaction time of Bitcoin to the wallet is nearly 60 minutes.

In Bitcoin, each miner when working your block will ensure the transaction process is confirmed and in the end, they will mine your block. Each transaction needs to be confirmed at least six times and each confirmation only takes 10 minutes. So the complete Bitcoin transfer process will range around 60 minutes and in the end, the complete transaction completely depends on the miners.

There have been many cases where the transactions have completed before 60 minutes. This all depends on the Bitcoin load on the network and transaction cost Online Cryptocurrency ExchangeOnline Cryptocurrency Exchangeattached to Bitcoin transaction. There are many Online Cryptocurrency Exchanges where they transfer the exchanged funds to your wallets for safe keeping. These platforms deduct charges from their customer’s account before transactions. The same amount of time is taken by Bitcoin during such transactions. If you face any delay in the return of your funds, then don’t worry the blockchain remembers every initiated transaction and completes each transaction with perfection.


This transaction time may be unacceptable to many users. There are other cryptocurrencies that are using way less time to confirm the transaction other than Bitcoin. But the developers at Bitcoin are making solid efforts to reduce the transaction time. This new changes in the Bitcoin system will make the process instantaneous and will make the overall process simple.