Which Cryptocurrencies Will Help You Make A Fortune?

July 04, 2018 Quick read

The cryptocurrencies have seen a significant rise after people came to know about them. The trading volume of these cryptocurrencies began to increase when they came to know about the potential of cryptocurrencies. There are many cryptocurrencies in the market such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ripple that are really beneficial for investors.

Cryptocurrencies are making more money than any other business sector on the planet. These cryptocurrencies are computer generated currencies that are decentralized which keeps it out of the hands of the government. The government policy changes don’t affect any functionality or business of cryptocurrencies which makes cryptocurrencies a perfect source of investment for investors.

There are many budding investors who have no idea about cryptocurrencies and look for methods to infiltrate the market and make a profit. This is not that easy as veteran investors conduct extensive research before investing in any cryptocurrencies. This allows them to make an informed decision regarding the investment that they make which can eventually reel in profit. Here are some cryptocurrencies that you can start with if you are new to the cryptocurrency industry.


Ethereum is an open-source decentralized platform that runs on smart contracts. The complete Ethereum platform follows the principle of smart contracts which has zero downtime, censorship, fraud, or any interference. The market capital of Ethereum is nearly $45 billion USD which is gradually growing every day. As an investor if you assess the potential of this cryptocurrency you will realize in long-term Ethereum has a beneficial edge in the matters of business.


Bitcoin was the first and currently is the number one cryptocurrency in the world. It was the cryptocurrency that came up with the idea of Blockchain. The Blockchain now rules every major cryptocurrency in the market. The Blockchain provides the best security of data in cryptocurrencies so that there can be no mistakes in the transfer of funds and account details. Bitcoin currently has a market capital of $108 billion dollars. Bitcoin is considered the safest module of investment by many experienced investors.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a fork of Bitcoin which formed in mid-2017. Even with its late entry, it made its place among the top ten cryptocurrencies in the world. The hashing algorithm was the difference that compelled the Bitcoin Cash to form. It uses an SHA-256 algorithm for hashing. The current market capital of Bitcoin Cash is around $12 billion USD which is growing drastically. Many experienced investors are making a significant investment in Bitcoin Cash because of its growing demand and market.


The Monero coin is a cryptocurrency formed in the April of 2014 that mainly focuses on decentralization and privacy. The current market capital of Monero is $2 billion USD. Although it is not as impressive as its predecessors, the fact one Monero is worth over a 130 bucks makes it more valuable. The market of Monero is currently growing rapidly and that has many investors interested in the potential of Monero.

The cryptocurrency market has a bright future and only the people who have any idea about crypto trading can succeed in this field. If you wish to try your luck with any cryptocurrency, you can buy them from online cryptocurrency exchange platforms. But make sure that you use the best platform in the industry to keep your investment safe.