Cryptocurrencies and Banking Have Joined Hands: Why a Crypto Bank Is Better Than a Traditional Bank

December 17, 2018 Quick read

Crypto markets are fluctuating and while cryptocurrency values are gasping for air amidst the bedlam, ventures to establish cryptocurrency banks in the crypto world have kicked off.

Every day the crypto market is in the news for different reasons, some good and some bad but there's no denying the fact that cryptocurrencies are shaping the financial sectors and influencing traditional money exchange making FinTech a stand-out revolution.

The cryptocurrency graphs may endorse fluctuating values everyday but innovative additions to the residents of the crypto world make up for an interesting time.

Cryptocurrency matters are still in their infant stage, the concept still outlandish to many whereas to many others, a minefield of conflicts. In spite of being unaware and getting baffled whenever someone mentions the word "crypto", people are curious and investors, hungry.

The mark that crypto has left globally has led crypto maestros to research new ideas, develop Cryptocurrency Exchange plans and most importantly become cryptocurrency traders who deal with all things, crypto. The unexpected low hit that cryptocurrencies faced in 2018 led everyone to believe that crypto was done for.

However, the crypto market has not given up yet and the undying faith that investors have instilled in their crypto wallets, still gives cryptocurrency traders and money exchange dealers to give members of 'Team Crypto' to have multiple reasons to look forward to 2019.

·       The Lighting Development solution will allow Bitcoins to travel the world at unimaginable high transaction speeds.

·       Opera has come up with its own built-in crypto wallet for its android users.

·       Blockchain technology is all set to join forces with the Internet of Things.

·       Government has finally caught up with the brilliance that cryptocurrencies offer and soon majority of government agencies will integrate Blockchain Technology in their system.

With so much to look forward to, people cannot wait and quite honestly, we cannot keep up. It's a wonderful time for crypto to be alive. Recently, there has been a new cryptocurrency bank in the market by the name of Revolut, completely changing the face of how traditional banks would deal in money matters.

Revolut, a mobile app that offered Online Cryptocurrency Exchange services has acquired the European banking license to become a full-fledged crypto bank. A lone monger amongst traditional banks but an innovative fad and an outstanding achievement for the fintech industry, Revolut lets users carry out easy cryptocurrency exchanges for simple money.

On top of that, Revolut users can use a crypto debit card for cryptocurrency expenditures that rewards them with cash-back monetary benefits in cryptocurrencies.

Having established itself as a stand-alone fintech pride and now being in the big bank league it shares the vision of being a bank that services the best financial solutions to its users providing premium technology and being a total value for money.

All set to service loans in 2019, there's not anything that cryptocurrency banks cannot do that traditional banks can and Revolut is a fine example of that. What we believe is that a cryptocurrency bank is worth a better bargain than traditional banks and maybe it's finally time we all understood that.