What you can expect when working for a crypto startup

December 14, 2018 Quick read

If you tell someone that you work for a start-up, they will instantly relate to that as being someone who is extremely successful and is ‘cool’. People will want to know more about what you do for a living and they will be quite interested in what your start-up does.

There are many cryptocurrency start-ups working all over the world today. Some are based on the blockchain, while others are based on the Online Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Whenever you say you work for  a cryptocurrency based start up, there will always be a lot of interest and curiosity regarding what you do.

 This is because for people outside the realm of cryptocurrencies, it is just another way of making money and parking your funds for investments.

The crypto industry is growing steadily

The demand for investment and trading in cryptocurrencies is increasing on a constant basis. Despite the somewhat poor showing of the industry lately, a top CEO of a Cryptocurrency Exchange estimates that cryptocurrencies will be cumulatively worth a trillion dollars in the days to come. Even in the most popular start ups list available online, many of the entires consist of start ups dealing in the crypto space. There is also a lot of venture capital funding going on in such crypto start-ups.

The best and brightest work here

Those who are working for start-ups come from the best universities, people who want to disrupt the way things work currently. the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies is attracting a lot of top engineering, tech and finance talent from leading universities from across the world. In fact, start ups are seeing PhD holders in Mathematics, statistics and Tech from various colleges working together to solve unique problems relating to cryptocurrencies found currently.

It is ensuring legitimacy

Investing in cryptocurrency does not mean that you have converted your money from white to black. Start ups are ensuring that all the money that is processed from their systems are done so with a legitimate process to ensure that there is no chance of money being parked illegally. As many of the entrepreneurs and employees at start-ups are from the finance backgrounds, they are ensuring that the cryptocurrency market too is regulated the way the traditional fiat currency markets are.

The start-ups ensure compliance with all laws

The media has given cryptos some really bad press as a way to store illegitamely earned cash. However, this was quite some time ago and things have changed a lot since then.  Start ups have worked tirelessly to ensure that no ill-gotten money enters the system and that all the transactions are done legally. They are also ensuring that all the local laws are followed whenever needed.

These are just some of the ways in which crypto start ups are ensuring ‘mainstreaming’ of cryptocurrencies. However, there is a lack of diversity amongst the people who are working for these start ups. This is something that all companies are working to ensure that women and people of colour also get into the crypto space. The potential for cryptocurrencies in the future looks extremely bright for everyone concerned.