Is It Right Time To Invest In Monero Cryptocurrency And How To Do It

August 17, 2019 Quick read

Monero is a leading cyrptocurrency with a more focus on privacy and censorship resistance transactions. It is an untraceable system. Bitcoin and Ethereum have transplant blockchain transactions everyone can see the transaction done on blockchain in the world. Monero uses special type of cryptography so that the transactions are 100% untraceable. The symbol of Monero is XMR and it has supply of 18.4 billion coins. Some of the key features of Monero are privacy, fungibility and decentralization.

Bitcoin was first example of what we today call cryptocurrency. It is digital money or coin which we can trade, buy and can do Cryptocurrency Exchange without any bank in between.  It was the first product of blockchain technology. Thus it’s a decentralized digital currency without any bank that can be sent from users-to-users, peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need of middleman.

Bitcoin was first to the market and hold highest coin value in the market. Cryptocurrecny is known with bitcoin. Bitcoin retains the position as market leader. But because of competition bitcoin is now going downward in the market. One such competitor is Monero. Cryptocurrency has one of the biggest drawback that was privacy, all transactions of digital money is transparent on blockchain. Seeing this drawback monero was designed to provide strict privacy. Privacy was the first point they took into consideration. Let’s discuss few comparisons:

·       Privacy

Bitcoin exchanges aren't connected to individual data; however they are connected to your wallet. With a little examination, it's completely possible to uncover an individual's personality by watching designs, time zones and other key bits of information. This could be risky in an assortment of circumstances.


For instance, suppose that you're visiting a territory with a high crime and choose to make an installment with Bitcoin. In spite of the fact that the beneficiary of the installment can't see your own personality, they can perceive how much of money you hold in your bitcoin wallet. If you have higher amount of bitcoin in your wallet chances are of high security risk.

·       Mining Algorithm

Bitcoin and Monero utilize diverse mining calculations, with Bitcoin utilizing the SHA-256 calculation and Monero utilizing Cryptonight (GPU mining). This makes a couple of contrasts between the two; for instance, the bitcoin calculation keeps running on a lot quicker custom mining chips known as ASICs, application-explicit incorporated circuits. At first look, this may appear to be an advantage - particularly in the event that you can stand to put resources into an ASIC PC for mining - yet it poses a few issues.

Monero mining is planned so that ASIC PCs don't have quite a bit of a favorable position over common PCs. Thus, normal individuals can utilize a straightforward CPU and begin mining immediately on their PC, which makes the procedure more easy to use.

·       Adaptive Block Size Limit

The bitcoin network can get occupied, and bitcoin has a greatest block size, which can slow down exchanges during peak times. Paying higher exchange charges can expand speed, yet this can get costly.

Monero has a versatile block size limit, so if exchange volumes get high, the size of the block can naturally extend. This is a basic preferred advantage for digital money clients, in light of the fact that with certain beneficiaries requiring double check, exchange times can be altogether postpone.

Invest in Monero

Why to invest in MoneroCryptocurrency

·       Privacy

·       Untraceable

·       Monero has one strong characteristic i.e. fungibility.

·       Ease of mining with Monero

·       Monero is scalable

Nowadays Monero has been in demand among cryptocurrencies fans. It’s one of the biggest attracting feature is security. Today Monero Exchanges are transforming quicker. One can do Monero bitcoin exchanges on different platforms available. Another way to buy Monero is to first buy bitcoin, ethereum with fiat then you can exchange bitcoin to monero to any platform that deals into crptocurrency exchanges.