This Is How You Securely Buy and Store Ethereum

June 23, 2018 Quick read

The cryptocurrency industry is flourishing as new cryptocurrencies are getting introduced to the industry. It all started with the introduction of Bitcoin a decade ago where it promised its user base a secure mode of transaction. This went out to be an inspiration to other developers and compelled them to develop a better system than the preceding cryptocurrency. There came many altcoins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc that changed the face of cryptocurrency industry by providing the user a better solution to all the issues the users were facing.

Ethereum was one of the coins in the list that was recognized as the unique coin in the industry of the cryptocurrency. The Ethereum is ranked second in the list of top cryptocurrencies in the world. The reason behind this success is the algorithm it works on and the features that it provides to the users. The technology of the Ethereum is way ahead of its time and is received as one of the most robust and efficient systems in the cryptocurrency market. Investors are pulling all their resources together to buy and store Ethereum for future use.

There are many new investors who are unaware of the sources to buy and store Ethereum and are looking for a reliable platform from where they can get them. Here are some of the most reliable platforms in the industry where you can buy and store Ethereum.

Evonax – the most reliable platform to buy Ethereum

Evonax is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the industry. Evonax has an easy interface that provides the user a medium of fast transactions in a secure environment. The user can Exchange Ethereum for FIAT currency or other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero, Dogecoin, etc. Evonax provides exchange services to their clients at a low rate without having to register.

Security – The Evonax web platform uses an SSL encryption to secure the data inputted by the users, hence the HTTPS at the starting of the URL. The process cannot process without a valid address that fortifies the authentication process hence there is almost no chance of any data leakage from the system.

Anonymous – The transactions in the Evonax is completely anonymous and secured so there is no third-party monitoring your transaction. Evonax doesn’t collect any personal information from the user in the spirit of maintaining complete anonymity.

Faster transaction – Once the address that user provides is verified the transfer is completed instantly. A confirmation is asked from the server verifying your presence during the transaction. The confirmation process takes only between 7-30 minutes which is very less comparing other cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Secure crypto coin storages

Buying Ether coins has been made easier with the help of Evonax, but storing the coins is completely your responsibility. There are several cases of crypto coin thefts that are registered on a regular basis. You can secure your coins by following the above-mentioned methods.

Get crypto wallets

The cryptocurrency wallets are a great option for storing your crypto coins in a secure manner. There are two types of wallet in the industry that is recommended by many experts, they are hot storage wallets and cold storage wallets.

Hot storage wallets – Hot storage wallets are connected with the internet which makes the transactions much faster. These types of wallets are used by investors for instant crypto coin transfers. There are many secure hot storage wallets available in the market for securely storing Ethereum. Exodus wallet, Jaxx Wallet, MyEtherWallet are some of the hot storage wallets available for storing Ethereum coins.

Cold storage wallets – Cold storage wallets are considered as the most secure wallet option available for storing Ethereum. These types of wallets are used by investors to keep their Ethereum safe for a long time. The crypto coins in such wallets remain uncorrupted for a long time and are less prone to online thefts. There are many hot storage wallets such as Trezor, Ledger Nano S, KeepKey, etc that are used to keep Ether coins safe.

If you are interested in trading or investing in Ethereum, you can follow the above-mentioned methods to buy and keep the Ether coins safe. Ethereum is the new safe haven for investors who are looking to secure their investment in the cryptocurrency industry. You can also try your luck by investing in Ethereum.