Most googled questions about cryptocurrency

August 24, 2021 Quick read

In this post, we will address a couple of frequently asked questions about blockchain technology crypto security, and cryptocurrency converter. Our focus will be on addressing key issues like what blockchain is and how its technology works, how to mine it and who controls it, if it is taxable and how to invest in it. If you are new to the world of cryptocurrency, you may have googled a couple of these questions, if not all.

What is blockchain?

In simple terms, blockchain is the technology of cryptocurrency used for record management. You can think of it more like a tamper-proof electronic ledger. Blockchain is quite important because unlike paper documents that can be verified using signature and watermarks, verifying digital assets isn't all that simple. This is because digital assets can be copied or even modified easily, hence they are difficult to trust. But the blockchain enhances crypto security, allowing people to send and receive digital assets or use a cryptocurrency converter to convert from one cryptocurrency to another with full confidence that the integrity of the assets is not altered or modified. As such, blockchain mitigates the risk of corruption and fraud in the cryptocurrency market.

How does blockchain work?

The whole idea of blockchain is to enable people who don't trust each other to share valuable data in a tamperproof and secure way. To understand how blockchain works, you need to understand three important concepts: blocks, miners, and nodes. Blocks consist of basic elements like data, nonce, and hash. When a block is created, it randomly generates a nonce which is tied to the hash. This means the data in the bock is signed and cannot be altered unless it is mined. Miners on the other hand are responsible for creating new blocks through a process called mining. While nodes are electronic devices that keep the network functioning and maintain copies of the blockchain. For this reason, millions of nodes can keep records of the network which enhances crypto security making it fraud-free. 

How is cryptocurrency mined?

Cryptocurrency mining is all about solving complex equations using powerful computers to validate data blocks, which thereafter are added to the blockchain. Two things are involved in the concept of cryptocurrency mining, public-key encryption, and math. A series of events happens when mining cryptocurrency, it starts from nodes verifying that a transaction is legitimate. All verified transactions are then bundled into a list to form a block. As soon as there is enough transaction in the block, hash and additional info are added as well. Next, other miners verify the hash to ensure the block is legitimate. As soon as the block is confirmed, it is published in the blockchain. So, when you use a cryptocurrency converter to switch between cryptocurrencies, you can be sure the crypto has already been confirmed.

Who controls cryptocurrency?

There is no one system controlling most cryptocurrencies network, this is what makes it unique and enhances the crypto security. Most cryptocurrencies are decentralized, as such, it is not under the regulation of the government or monitored by one body. Furthermore, most popular cryptocurrencies are controlled by the miners themselves and are available to anyone with the right infrastructure to mine. For this reason, the supply and value of most cryptocurrencies are controlled by users and highly complex calculations and are not dependent on the decisions of regulatory bodies or central banks.

Is cryptocurrency taxable?

The answer to this question is geolocation-based. Cryptocurrency is taxable in certain countries. This is because some countries don't recognize cryptocurrency as an asset, while other countries have completely banned the use of cryptocurrency. However, in the US, cryptocurrency is taxable as the IRS considers it as property and can be subject to tax. But as you may be thinking, most things are digital currency-related, things can get quite complicated. To keep things simple, cryptocurrency becomes taxable when you use it as a means of exchange. This is because according to the IRS, the taxable value of cryptocurrency is based on capital gain and losses.

How to start investing in cryptocurrency?

For those who are new to the cryptocurrency market, experts and financial advisors say Bitcoin and Ethereum are the best cryptos to start with. Here are a few steps to take when you are ready to buy in:

      Choose a wallet

The first thing you need to do is to choose a crypto wallet. There are several crypto wallets, so be sure to choose one that gives you flexibility. This is because each crypto wallet has a set type of cryptocurrency they can store.

      Secure your account

Ensure you practice safe storage. Whether you decide to store your crypto in a cryptocurrency converter account or your wallet, it is entirely up to you. But ensure you take all necessary precautions to keep your coin safe like enabling 2FA.

      Fund your account

Choose the cryptocurrency you will like to invest in and fund it. Similar to how you deposit money in your traditional investment account, you should also move money to your cryptocurrency wallet.

      Use a cryptocurrency converter if needed

When you buy a cryptocurrency, no hard and fast rule says you can't buy other cryptocurrencies as well. The easiest way to go about it is to use a cryptocurrency converter.


To sum things up, this post only addresses some of the most googled questions about crypto security and the blockchain. Nevertheless, there is more to cryptocurrency than we can fit into this post. Strive to always learn more as you journey with cryptocurrency investment.