5 ways to help you to always keep a track of your crypto investments

October 22, 2018 Quick read

It doesn’t matter how large or small your crypto investments are you always need a way to efficiently track them. You can do this by following all kinds of news articles, changes in the market rates, and other tidbits by understanding the Online Cryptocurrency Exchange or  how the cryptocurrency market is behaving at any point of time. This knowledge is crucial if you need to rebalance your portfolio or if you need to make strategic investments through the Cryptocurrency Exchange.  Here are 5 ways you can always keep a track of the dynamics in the cryptocurrency market.

1.      Set up Google Alerts for your Email-  With this, you can always get all the latest news of all that is happening around you in the cryptocurrency world right at your doorstep. You can set up your Google Alerts quite simply by just going to Google Alerts,  typing in  your topic and setting the number of times you want updates from Google. From the settings, you can choose how many times you want updates from Google- you wouldn’t want Google to flood your inbox with updates, would you?

2.      Follow the right pages/topics on social media- Cryptocurrency was partially popularised by social media. The main source of information for cryptocurrencies will always be social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and more. To keep a track of all that is happening in the cryptocurrency market, you can always follow  the right social media pages which will help you get valuable insights in the market behaviour of these virtually traded and mined currencies.

3.      Utilizing Google Search tools-  For the time you search on Google, you can get the latest updates by clicking on ‘tools’ below the search bar and then selecting ‘any time’ or ‘past hour’. This will give you all the latest news in the cryptocurrency world. It is one of the best tools available to you.

4.      Using the services of news apps- News apps are a handy way to know exactly what is going on in the cryptocurrency world. You can use apps like SmartNews, Feedly, Delta or Cryptopanic to know the latest in the markets. Their apps have gained immense popularity amongst people for their use and customization abilities which makes it easier to process information.

5.      Bookmark tabs you want to follow- You can bookmark tabs you want to follow. If you are always browsing the net and opening a host of tabs, you can open these bookmarked tabs and view it whenever needed. This will give you whatever information you need whenever you need it, especially when at work. This gives you an easy access to the world of cryptocurrencies

Whatever you do, do not fall for false and misleading information

With so much information floating in the web, there is bound to be times when there is a lot of misleading and false information circulating in the markets. You need to ensure that you do not fall for such misleading, false or contradicting news, which can cause great losses if you act on it. Do consult your agent or an expert before taking any decisions on your investments based on what you have heard online.