Trading in cryptocurrencies. Here are some useful strategies you can follow

November 20, 2018 Quick read

In recent times, investment in cryptocurrencies has become one of the best ways to park your money for growth. There is a lot of scope of getting handsome returns from your crypto investments, if you do it well and  without making rookie mistakes. Here are a few trading strategies you can follow to ensure you meet your investment goals

Be ready for all eventualities

There can be a lot of volatility in the cryptocurrency market.  If you really want to invest here, you got to accept the fact that your investment may take time to grow and that there might be short term losses. This does not mean that investing in cryptos through an Online Cryptocurrency Exchange  can mean losses, but you might have to bear short term losses for long term gains.

Always do your homework before making an investment

Before you decide to invest your money in a crypto, you should meticulously calculate and research about the cryptocurrency  to be invested in.  This will help to prevent any kind of rookie mistakes. In the end, a crypto investment should be an informed decision taken after a lot of research. You can consult with experienced brokers and professionals before making your investment.

There is no place for greed and impatience in investment of cryptocurrencies

You cannot time the market for cryptocurrencies. If you are greedy  for making a profit from your investments as soon as possible, this can be fatal as you may miss many good opportunities in the future. Investing in crypto for the long term requires a lot of patience, you need to believe in the market cycles so that they can work in your favour when you need money. In fact, just like how some mutual funds are sold based on the goals of an individual, crypto investments too can be done based on the goals set for each investment.

Keep a watch on the market capital of the cryptocurrency that you are investing in

The market capital of the cryptocurrency is a good enough measure to know about the currency. The higher the market capital of the currency, the more valuable it is, the more you can expect it to be profitable. For example, Bitcoin’s market capitalisation is currently valued at US $98 billion.  It is the highest valued cryptocurrency, making it one of the best avenues for investments. Bitcoin’s can be bought from any Cryptocurrency Exchanges in exchange for US Dollars/fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies.