Giving Bitcoins as a Christmas gift

December 24, 2018 Quick read

Bitcoins has seen an impressive run. In the years since it launched way back in 2009, its value has skyrocketed a number of times to ensure that it becomes one of the best ways to invest your hard earned money. Just like how people gift shares as a way to express gratitude, you too can gift your near and dear ones with Bitcoin. With the holiday season fast approaching, here are some of the ways you can gift Bitcoin to your loved ones.

Gift cards

Just as you would gift a customized greeting card, you can now also gift Bitcoins online with the help of personalised gift cards. All you got to do is to select the denomination and other details on dedicated Bitcoin gift sites and hit ‘send’ after you have made the payment. The recipient can redeem the gift card whenever he or she wants at the prevailing exchange rates.

Paper Wallets

Instead of gifting your friend a tangible item, you can gift them a paper wallet based Bitcoin gift. This wallet will have all the information needed for spending the Bitcoins including the public and private keys. A QR code is also provided which leads the holder to the software where you can redeem the Bitcoin and  make quick transactions on Instant Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

Hardware Wallet

If you want to go the old school way, you can even gift your loved one a USB drive with Bitcoins in it. This can be more secure than just emailing them the Bitcoins. Hardware helps to ensure that the receiver gets the Bitcoin without any chance of anybody trying to steal it. You can make the Bitcoin password protected and email them the password as needed.

This Christmas season, you can help your loved ones celebrate joy by sending them gifts of Bitcoin. With the value of Bitcoin increasing day by day, it can help the receiver use them to shop, eat or even travel the world. There is no doubt that Bitcoin is one of the best investments that anyone can possess.