Round-Up Article for Some Interesting Crypto Blogs by Evonax in April

May 01, 2019 Quick read

Stepping into May, we have clocked in four months of 2019 that have been pretty interesting for the crypto market so far. Picking some much-needed momentum in April, popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Monero and Ethereum have scaled novel advancements as far as exciting crypto innovations go!

Things have started to look much better for cryptocurrency as it is renewing its status and proving major financial assets that it is a worthy opponent that will emerge as a true winner in the end. Here, we have narrowed down to our favourite blog picks for the month of April.

1.     No April Fools Drill: Why Bitcoin Will Skyrocket To $100 Trillion Because Of the US Dollar

The recent background research that was undertaken for the US dollar also indicated that Bitcoin is all set to cross the $100 Trillion mark and out beat everything that paper currency has stood for so long. Previously, the boom of cryptocurrency was so big that 'Money 2.0' was valued at 84000% against the US dollar all in a period of seven years - The after-effects saw a slight decline in the value of Bitcoin as the potent technology of an Online Bitcoin Exchange was still new to all.

Investors state Bitcoin will bounce back and skyrocket to $100 trillion against the US dollar soon and that this is not a April Fool's drill. To know more, read at$100-trillion-because-of-the-us-dollar.html

2.     The Numerous Repercussions of Linking 5G with Blockchain

The wave of 5G successfully brought forth a new future for upping the competency of bigger systems and Blockchain analysts cite 5G as an economical development that will impel equitable outcomes by making on-chain activities advanced and fuelling the automation drive like never before. However, there are numerous repercussions of linking 5G with Blockchain.

When it comes to merging two powerful technologies, it is always better to know what you are dealing with. Read more about what the industry expects from the linkage of 5G with Blockchain at

3.     The Cardholding Cryptocurrency - Finding the Next Big Crypto Blowout

The crypto market has reached to the prime peak of its success as a truly innovative FinTech advancement and its undying mettle is noteworthy owing to the insane amount of competition persisting in the market. A lot of expectations ride high when it comes to the crypto market as the total market cap is worth billions of dollars so it is important that the next big crypto blowout which could end up being a cardholding cryptocurrency.

Read more about all that you need to know about the next big crypto explosion at

4.     Monero Bonanza: More Than a Crypto Medium for Criminal Activities

Since its inception, Monero has been referred to as a cryptocurrency that is secure, fast and private, a commendable start for a cryptocurrency that is battling it out at the crypto field against powerful cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The private mechanisms of Monero Cryptocurrency have long been the topic of debate especially to its enormous utilization by criminals for malicious activities.

However, crypto analysts have more to say about this as they believe that Monero is more than merely a medium for criminal activities. Read more at

5.     Bitcoin Infrastructure Bang - Crypto Mining’s Journey to the Data Centre

Once being the lovechild of server rooms and garages, Bitcoin mining has finally descended into the cloud and data centers that have sent data centre providers into an absolute frenzy. Data centers will find a strong grip on the industry and operating capabilities will increase by tenfold resulting in an all-out Bitcoin infrastructure bang.

Learn more about crypto mining's incredible journey to the data centre at