Round-Up Article for Some significant blogs by Evonax in May Month

June 01, 2018 Quick read

Evonax is a platform designed to fill in the gaps between cryptocurrencies and investors by being a cryptocurrency exchange platform and also an informative blogging space. These articles teach the readers the real truth of cryptocurrency market and trading. Which cryptocurrencies are worth investing and how to secure your investment? All these questions are answered in these blogs. In simple terms, these blogs are like a handbook for new and experienced investors alike.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Cryptocurrency Exchange Service

There are several cryptocurrencies and many cryptocurrency exchange platforms. If you are a veteran investor then you might know that you should assess a cryptocurrency before investing in it. Just the same way this article teaches you how to assess an online cryptocurrency exchange platform to ensure a safe and successful transaction.

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Security Guide to Keep Your Cryptocurrencies Safe

The attacks on cryptocurrencies have plummeted in the past year as it has been proven a great investment that is profitable. There are many investors who face attacks on their investment, but these blogs give a detailed view of the security measures that you can take to keep your investment safe.

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Why Dash is becoming the Investor’s New Trend?

The dash coin is one of the blockchain powered cryptocurrencies that has become a new trend for investors all around the world. The market of Dash coin is gradually improving, and this article covers the market growth of the Dash coin and even suggests investors many ways that they could buy Dash coin.

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Where has Blockchain technology reached after ten years?

The blockchain technology laid the foundation for the rise of the first cryptocurrency in the world, the Bitcoin. Although it was introduced ten years ago, the blockchain technology is still one of the most discussed technologies in the world where the application of Blockchain is limitless. This blog covers the growth of Blockchain technologies in the past decade.

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Top 8 Cryptocurrencies worth Investing In

The cryptocurrency sector is a vast industry where there are thousands of cryptocurrencies. It is a hard process to find the optimum cryptocurrency that is beneficial for your business. This blog gives you the top cryptocurrencies that are worth investing out of thousands of cryptocurrencies.

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Why Buying Litecoin Is Beneficial For Your Business?

The Litecoin currency is the first fork of Bitcoin and it is sometimes misunderstood as the Bitcoin clone. As a matter of fact, Litecoin is completely different where it uses different algorithms than Bitcoin. This blog features different features that Litecoin provides which is beneficial for the investors.

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Top 4 Ethereum Wallets Available in the Market

Ethereum is ranked as the second-best cryptocurrency in the market that has an equal consumer base like Bitcoin. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that has profited many investors. The storage of a smart contract based token is really important, where this blog gives the investors a brief view on best wallets in the market.

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Cryptocurrency Market Fluctuations and Why Should You Be Conscious About It?

The year 2018 started with a blast but as a few months passed the market started fluctuating. This has caused many cryptocurrencies to face a downfall that has caused many losses to investors. This blog follows the market fluctuations and some tips that can help investors to keep track of the fluctuations and prevent them from harming their investments.

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Future of Litecoin – How Litecoin will change the face of cryptocurrency market?

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency that has a strong market hold currently. It has the potential of becoming the best cryptocurrency which is originally a fork of Bitcoin. This blog covers the aspects that will determine the supremacy of Litecoin in the future market.

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Here are some notable blogs published by These blogs are for informational purposes based on the current market position of cryptocurrencies. As the cryptocurrency market is a volatile market it is prone to different market outcomes. Hence it is recommended to research and analyze the current market position before investing to gain the desired result. There are more blogs that you can check out to further understand the world of cryptocurrencies.