Top 4 Ethereum Wallets Available in the Market

May 24, 2018 Quick read

Ethereum cryptocurrency is one of the top ten cryptocurrencies on the planet. In fact, Ethereum ranks on number two in the list of top cryptocurrencies. The factor that has helped Ethereum to succeed is the technology used to develop the core of Ethereum. The block time of Ethereum is comparatively less than its predecessor, the Bitcoin. The Ethereum is also a development platform where developers can develop decentralized applications. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum is a token which you receive when you develop certain programs on the platform.

Apart from the technological point of view, Ethereum is also recognized as profitable by many investors. The current market capital of Ethereum is $68 billion USD which is one more reason it ranks second on the top ten cryptocurrencies list. There are many investors who invest in Ethereum in hopes of doubling their investment. And they are not wrong, Ethereum investment is considered as a profitable business.

The only problems that these investors face are the issues related to storage. After they have bought the desired amount of Ethereum tokens, they rarely have any idea regarding the storage option and save them in an open system. If the system faces any theft issues then they can lose their complete investment in a heartbeat. Thus it can only be secured if you use the appropriate wallet for Ethereum tokens to keep it safe. Here are some exclusive options for Ethereum wallets that can be easily available in the market.


This is a desktop wallet which is a robust wallet that is designed beautifully to ease the use of wallet. The simple design allows the user to understand it in a more effective way. Apart from Ethereum, this can also store other cryptocurrencies that are prominent in the market such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, etc.


MyEtherWallet is a software-based wallet that can also be helpful in generating new wallets. It is compatible with other wallets so that you can transfer between multiple wallet platforms. As it is free and open-source it can be easily available to the users. This is considered as an easy method to interact with the Blockchain of Ethereum.


The Ledger is a hardware storage which is considered as one of the best cold storage options which is also one of the popular methods to store Ethereum coins. This hardware uses an encrypted chip to store private key and ensure safe interaction between other devices. Hence it is a safe option to store your Ethereum tokens.


The trezor wallet is a secure and flexible hardware wallet which is known for its easy interface. Along with Ethereum, this wallet supports many other major cryptocurrencies. This wallet is secured by two-factor authentication and even has the feature of password-free log-in. It is one of the best cold storage solutions that are completely secure.

Here are some of the best crypto wallet options that can help you secure your Ethereum tokens in a secure environment. The investors should know about these wallets so that they can store the Ethereum tokens and can access them whenever they want. The investor who buys or Exchange Ethereum tokens can secure the coins using these wallets. You can research and find other wallets that can be customized and which can suit your needs.