Cryptocurrency Market Fluctuations and Why Should You Be Conscious About It?

May 27, 2018 Quick read

The cryptocurrency market has taken a great deal of downside in the previous week. The trading volume of many budding cryptocurrencies has decreased drastically. The decreased trading volume has directly affected the market capital of the respective cryptocurrency. The market fluctuations can often cause your investment to fail and even lose it. These factors have gotten many investors anxious regarding the sustainability of their invested cryptocurrency.

Many investors who are active in the field of crypto trading for a long time have certain techniques that can help them evaluate the digital currency market. One such technique that is used frequently is the technical analysis that has been proven effective. If you are looking to save your investment then you can use such techniques to evaluate the market and invest in the worthy crypto coin. This will secure your investment even when the market fluctuates. Here are some factors that you need to consider to secure your investments from market fluctuations.

Market Capitalization

The market capital of any crypto coin can tell you a lot about it. The stability of a crypto coin can be determined from the stability of market capital. You can refer to the history of the market capital of a cryptocurrency and evaluate the stability since the crypto-coin was founded. This will give you an insight into the behaviour, liquidity, and depth of the cryptocurrency that you intend to invest in. This is a part of the technical analysis of a cryptocurrency which was mentioned above and is regarded as effective.

Utilized Technology

Although cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology, the interface of each cryptocurrency is different which gives them different functionality output. The block time, transaction fee, and transaction time differ according to the technology that the cryptocurrency uses. The technology used in each cryptocurrency makes each of them unique. And as they all are different they will have different issues to deal with. The trading volume of the coin which uses the best technology will increase and the market of other coins will continuously fluctuate. Hence it is important to select the crypto-coin that uses the best technology that will generate greater trading volume.

Future Market Analysis

This factor is also a part of technical analysis where you have to determine the future of the market. The growth rate of the coin is considered in analysing the future of a crypto coin. The growth rate depends on the trading volume of the coin which is considered as the key factor to market growth. The market growth can be assessed which can help you see if the intended cryptocurrency is the ideal one for your business. Therefore, you should aim at the future of the cryptocurrency market so that you can make sure that your investment remains secure.


The profitability of the coin is really important to consider as it will tell you whether that your investment is bearing results or not. The profitability of the crypto-coin can be estimated from the market value of the coin which can be evaluated from the number of investments the investors are making in the crypto coin. The profitability of a coin can differ based on the technology that it uses, trading volume, market value, etc. Hence it is a vital factor if you are aiming for a fruitful investment.

The above-given factors will make sure that your crypto coin is worth the investment risk. The market fluctuation can only affect your crypto coin if they don’t satisfy the above-given standards. If you have invested in cryptocurrency that has a constant fluctuation in the market, then you can get the coin exchanged from online cryptocurrency exchange platforms that will give you access to coins that can actually bear you profit.