Top 8 Cryptocurrencies worth Investing In

May 18, 2018 Quick read

The cryptocurrency investment industry has grown rapidly in the past few years. The industry of cryptocurrency has seen many cryptocurrencies that have revolutionized the way the business is conducted. The investors have become vigilant regarding the choice that they make regarding the cryptocurrency investment. Each cryptocurrency is different and they all use different technologies to achieve the same result.

However, many budding investors find it difficult to find a cryptocurrency to invest in. The different technologies and methods confuse these investors. There are many cryptocurrencies in the market that it is hard to speculate the ideal cryptocurrency that will satisfy the investment with the profit and that also covers the factors such as market value and capitalization. Such decisions should not be made based on false rumours and popular beliefs. Here are some factors and common market beliefs that these investors should understand that will help them select the ideal cryptocurrencies which are worth investing in.


The Monero crypto coin is popular for providing total anonymity and privacy. This is only possible with the help of the Blockchain technology that protects the data from any corruption or duplication. Monero is much more effective in the terms of privacy and anonymity in comparison to other major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Monero is been adopted by darknet market because of its privacy factor.


There are a lot of people who believe that Litecoin is the clone of Bitcoin and the services that they provide is the same. The fact is Litecoin is much different than Bitcoin and as a matter of fact, it has very less block time than Bitcoin that gives a faster transaction time to Litecoin. The market capital of Litecoin is $ 10.4 Billion USD that makes it a profitable cryptocurrency to invest in.


The Ethereum is a fierce and tough competition for major crypto coin, the Bitcoin. Ethereum is considered the main rival of Bitcoin, gaining the attention of the major investors from all over the world. Even though it is a cryptocurrency, the main aim of Ethereum is to be a platform for developers to develop decentralized applications. The market value of the Ethereum is estimated to be around $116 billion USD.


Commonly known as the meme cryptocurrency, Dogecoin is one of the serious cryptocurrency that major investors choose to invest in. The Dogecoin was founded in 2013 and by 2015 it had over 100 billion coins in circulation which made it one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in the market. As of now the current market value of Dogecoin is nearly $2 Billion USD.


Dash coin is one of the profitable cryptocurrency in the market which is also known for its privacy and anonymity. The master node feature in the Blockchain is completely different than other technologies that are seen in the cryptocurrencies. The Dash coin invests billions of dollars in the improvement of the Dash coin which makes it reliable and trustworthy for the investors.

Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold is a branch of Bitcoin which was found after the fork of Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The main purpose of Bitcoin Gold was to restore the mining functionality. The complete functionality and services of Bitcoin Gold are similar to the core Bitcoin services. The market capital of Bitcoin Gold is over a billion dollars currently which is more likely to grow in the coming years.

Bitcoin Cash

The Bitcoin Cash is the separated part of the core Bitcoin code. The separation or splitting happened due to the hard fork that took place during 2017. The algorithm of the Bitcoin Cash was changed to SHA-256 from hashing algorithm. The market capital of Bitcoin Cash is over $18.36 billion USD which is considered as a profitable cryptocurrency in the market.


It is undeniable that Bitcoin is extremely successful because of its innovation and commitment to the user. It is now the number one cryptocurrency in the market and is widely available to the investors to Buy Bitcoin Online from different platforms. Bitcoin is designed to make global transactions possible and hence boosting the financial inclusion in the market. It has made the process of transaction easier for many people with its decentralized and private currency system.

Here are some of the profitable cryptocurrency that can be considered by the investors. You can choose to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies that will give you more chances of making a profit. These cryptocurrencies are not only popular but also profitable that can help you flourish your business and invest more in the cryptocurrency market.