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January 31, 2019 Quick read

January is a time of rejuvenation and the notion holds alike even when it comes to crypto. For every crypto aficionado, New Year is a time of resolutions as well as a period of exploring new innovations and bringing the crypto market to rule FinTech once again. If you are one of those crypto aficionados looking to scout some vital crypto-related information then you are in the right place as Evonax has rounded up some solid article picks from the month of January.

1.Boost Business by Bitcoin! Here's How You Can Do It.

Since the inception of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has successfully proved its mettle by being the most popular and reliable encrypted digital money. A business looking to make a mark in the industry can benefit much from the countless possibilities of a brilliant cryptocurrency like Bitcoin so here's an article explaining why your business needs a not-looking-to-slow-down crypto pace.

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2.     What’s In Store for Cryptocurrencies in 2019?

2019 has already started looking as if crypto enthusiasts are giving it their all to get all the flailing cryptocurrencies back on their pedestals like the rightful heir. Rightfully so, crypto is all set to claim its throne this year and if you are inquisitive if now's the correct time to get crypto going then you can check this article that states all that's in store for cryptocurrencies in 2019.

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3.Bitcoin Transactions in Action: How the Cryptocurrency Works!

Day by day Bitcoin is becoming popular with all crypto enthusiasts looking to partake in cryptocurrency trading. When it comes to money matters, the following article depicts why it's necessary to tabulate and understand the working of every Bitcoin transaction that is carried over the Blockchain no matter how big or small as crypto is the future for FinTech.

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4.How to Setup an Offline Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin is valued at the highest price compared to all cryptocurrencies and by dint of this primary factor; it is an open money gateway for outsiders to break in and indulge in non-regulated criminal activities. This article states major reasons to keep this brilliant cryptocurrency safe from the eyes of unwanted predators by safely setting up an offline Bitcoin wallet.

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5.The 2019 Crypto Calendar: A Guide on the Five Investment Trends to Watch out For This Year!

Cryptocurrencies have evolved the way money exchanges are transported between the parties involved in trading currency on the go. As cryptocurrency exchanges are becoming vastly well-known among all masses, here's an article that portrays the best investment trends that will make you crave crypto's power all the more.

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