The 2019 crypto calendar: A guide on the five investment trends to watch out for this year!

January 29, 2019 Quick read


Cryptocurrency is back and with a bang! The year of 2019 commemorates a decade of crypto, it really has been 10 years since cryptocurrency was started and the first crypto, "Bitcoin" was introduced to Fintech. The revolutionary innovation sent finance-crazy enthusiasts into frenzy, tongues began wagging and registers started brimming to the brink.

And then came the Blockchain, a concept that shook the world and set new crypto standards for Fintech. Banks had a new competitor in town and financial institutions had more than multiple reasons to be scared.

Since then the clash between the financial markets is huge, cryptocurrency exchanges are trying to outwit fiat money systems for more decentralized brilliance and gift unyielding crypto provision. However, as crypto is still a curious foray for people, the change has been hard to adapt. A lot of hopes ride high for crypto; it is time to see what crypto trends should be watched out for in 2019.


Last year was a breathless knock-out for crypto. The start of 2018 saw Bitcoin price values fall drastically and observed a slow market for major cryptocurrencies. The New Year could be our chance at redemption; it's time to put our crypto plans in action. But before we do that, let us see some crypto trends that could be the "Year of Crypto!"

·       Crypto's Comeback

2018 was indeed a wild ride for crypto. Initially, there were huge bumps and major road kills for all crypto users as well as traders, all of who were taken for an unexpected crypto adventure.

By the time crypto hits mellowed down and price values were revived, one thing was made clear: The traders who had made some good money were smart as they had opted for crypto, a cryptocurrency that stood strong against the biggest market crash of all time.

Slowly, the price values of all cryptocurrencies have seen a steady rise and are now valued at a price closer to the annual forecasts. Now, that is a crypto trend aficionados can never get enough of!

·       Institutional Investment Officially Arrives

A business can often be unpredictable. Carving a niche is essential but to get thriving in the industry, funding is just as crucial. The crypto is a mammoth market, home to lot of investors willing to shell in big bucks but institutional investors own the upper hand when it comes to money. Imagine if institutional investors had chipped in, the market sales would have cash registers going bonkers.

Although, the emergence of institutional investment to crypto will bring forth new favours for Fintech, it will be a while before the entire development is done. Till then, there are a lot of advancements in store for crypto users such as a budding Bakkt platform for Bitcoin Futures. A lot of analysts believe that the portal of crypto realm could transport institutional investors once Bakkt is explored and commodities are invented to supply the high demand.

·       Crypto Market Gains a Steady Momentum

Although it has been a while since 2019 kicked off, the cryptocurrencies have observed certain price ebbs and most of them have taken shape owing to baseless rumours. Unaware crypto traders have accidentally sold off their procured digital assets believing this false bit of news.

As 2018 was a bad year for crypto it is not wrong to blame uncertain traders who have already incurred way too many losses and much too dead crypto meat on their hands. On the other hand, the traders who make a special appearance every season will have a hard time instilling their faith in online Bitcoin exchanges because of false news. Naive traders may still be apprehensive and are most likely, unlikely to partake in any crypto trading. Once, these rumours die down, the crypto market will gain the momentum it deserves.

·       Cryptocurrencies Score National Acceptance

Every country is coming up with own crypto developments and accepting supervised frameworks meant for cryptocurrencies national adoption.

Currently, Russia and Venezuela are the two nations planning to launch their own state-accepted cryptocurrencies; an advancement which if ever happens is no doubt going to raise a worldwide uproar.

·       Crypto Will Close the Doors For Multiple Projects

The laws of crypto have become harsher now. Regular monitoring of the multiple crypto projects in the market has gone up just above ten notches. And now due to a more rigid legislation, a stricter tab will be kept over numerous crypto projects that will be shut down if any illegal engagement is observed or funding is naught.

When the crypto market was booming, a lot of projects joined in the craze with no right planning whatsoever and definitely without thinking it through. The genuine, big crypto names will stay exactly where they are with a proper business structure and great crypto-doing.


The New Year brings an actual "new year vibe" that makes people anxious and excited to see what the New Year has in store for them and what with crypto being in vogue, a lot of hopes or in our case trends are riding high. Of course, the first step is to reconstruct the Acropolis of crypto and regain our crypto glory!

The road to recovery is going to be harder than we think. However, 2019 has already started looking good for crypto with the market seemingly becoming more stable then maybe, just maybe this year could actually be the year when crypto bounces back on its feet and regains its status forging strong pillars that could stand heavy crypto hits till the end of time!