The Cardholding Cryptocurrency - Finding the Next Big Crypto Blowout

April 12, 2019 Quick read

With so many crypto wonders popping up all over the place, it is safe to say that cryptocurrencies and the Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms associated with them are taking over FinTech one step at a time.

But with so much competition in the crypto market where so many major crypto names are battling money challenges neck to neck, the stakes are high. Owing to this reason, zooming in on the next big cryptocurrency that promises equitable outcomes can be quite a hassling task on one's hand because of the multiple solutions being released in the market every day.

Most crypto projects have a lot of money riding on them so investors are suggested to carefully spread out plans before diving headfirst into impromptu decisions.

Here are a few factors that you should keep an eye out for the next big crypto blowout in the form of a hundo p cryptocurrency.

·       Price Advancement

The next big cryptocurrency just won’t happen, if matters of pricing will not be taken into consideration. How the cryptocurrency’s price advances stage by stage after its inception in the crypto market will help you determine its value in the years to come. With crypto, investments that may fruition into unpredictable madness comes naturally so it is important to be ready if you may end up being ill equipped – Tracking the price chart will keep you prepared for what may shape up in the future.

Cryptocurrency demands play a fairly huge role in establishing the market cap; higher the demand of the cryptocurrency, higher will be the price tag on it. Drastic price reduction catastrophes happen when the circulating supply increases, something that one should be wary of.

·       Understanding the Development Team

Doing a solid background research on the team that is behind the particular cryptocurrency's development will help you paint a faint picture about the entire project’s essential prospects. It is vital to understand where the development team comes from, what they have in mind, the various problems they wish to tackle and finally, if they have a set goal for the cryptocurrency’s future.

Look at the community engagement the team is involved in. Will they be able to deliver their roadmap when the time comes? Carry a detailed research by analysing their brand website.

Moreover, gain some insights at the team’s previously held track record and if the past projects released by them were successful or not. If the answer is no, well then you already get an idea that things won’t be easy. Refer LinkedIn, Online Forums or Whitepaper to get more idea about the development team.

·       Go Visit the Cryptocurrency’s Online Profile

Determining the cryptocurrency’s popularity as an online presence is key. Essentially, knowing if the cryptocurrency has a website that allows one to carry out a Cryptocurrency Exchange in the first place determines the overall value of the project. Know that the team is properly invested in the project and posts regular updates or blogs to keep their users informed always. A genuine website will have the information regarding its team members and the vision it strives to complete.

Getting to build a community on the website is important as this will provide you an idea of how far the project aims to go. The website should also display the multiple technologies they employ and the numerous successful projects they have worked with in the past briefing you about what to expect in the process.

·       The Cryptocurrency Monopoly

Cryptocurrencies generally tend to have a business model that drives the concept of their project. The multiple possibilities in store for a cryptocurrency will only come into the light if you happen to peek into the underlying business model. Determine if the project is unique or not – Unique ideas can be favourable in this case. You do not want to be losing any of your hard-earned money.


The crypto market is unhindered when it comes to keeping the craze of crypto active. Finding the next 100% cryptocurrency that will provide hundo p returns as well comes with a lot of research work in store and bundled up risks packed together. Be prepared and you might just tumble upon the next big crypto “bang”!