Cryptocurrency Oracle: The Forecast Of Crypto In 2019!

January 16, 2019 Quick read

Cryptocurrency is mobilizing FinTech in the right direction with its ingenious, secure transactional exchanges. It's time to prospect over the predictions in store for crypto in 2019.

To be honest, Crypto has been facing major backlash since some time. The crash of crypto that was observed at the end of 2017 saw a huge turnover in the price values of all cryptocurrencies and it was not the good kind. The crypto market hung heavy and dry in a spell that could be reversed only by a groundbreaking crypto miracle.

Although cryptocurrencies have made some great advancements since then, the air around whether to or not to invest in crypto still hangs dry. Albeit the fact that crypto has some speculations still to be cleared, we are here to inform you there is a bright future ahead for Cryptocurrency Exchanges to flourish.

Let's go through a few stand-out predictions of 2019 that may redeem crypto big-time.

·       The Driving Force Will Be Institutional Money

A lot of sources cite 2019 to be the year when institutional money finally forays into the crypto market. If this is to really happen anytime soon (which we believe, will) then institutional money will be a pivotal asset to the crypto market and the way online money exchanges takes place.

Mammoth trading platforms believe institutional money will bring about an interesting development for crypto exchanges on the go. Crypto is taking some major strides in introducing new revelations for online currency exchanges to become more faster, more secure and definitely more reliable.

Institutional money is scouting opportunities to invest in cryptocurrencies and investors are vouching crypto dealing more expedient than regular currency exchanges giving way to institutes to partner up with the cryptocurrency market. This proves that the cryptocurrency trend is not going to die anytime soon. The future of Bitcoin is a tad bit unreliable since its mighty fall but it is not right to prejudice the dicey outcomes for other cryptocurrencies as well.

There's no denying that there is still high apprehension by investors yearning for crypto trading and the market value may have dropped, however institutional aspects of enterprises are more willing to invest in crypto than retail where graphs of cryptocurrency exchanges in a year are still going high and are only expected to grow twice in size in 2019 with institutional money being a strong crypto accelerator.

·       Ripple may outrank Bitcoin

As Wikipedia states, Ripple is a 'real-time gross settlement system' that strives to enable globally accessible free transactions that are secure and carried out in an instant. In recent times, Ripple has moved on to become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies following closely behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Monero.

Now that 2019 has arrived, the times are progressing and although Bitcoin is transforming financial sectors one day at a time; the day does not seem far when Ripple will take over Bitcoin and rightly gain the title as the "new Bitcoin"! The reasons are simple. No matter how big the company is, the main outlook would be to favour a quick buck minus the imposing risks and daily value fluctuation shocks. Ripple is worth the barter and definitely a confidence booster for every company. If our predictions take shape then Ripple will be a great alternative to Bitcoin and observe unprecedented growth in the future, price values and all.

·       Blockchain practices will rack up!

The previous year has observed a steady decline in the Blockchain applications being created and fewer companies were ready to invest in Blockchain for their company.

It is said that a year can change a lot and looks like this is finally coming true for crypto as more and more Blockchain initiatives are being invented and the growth for Blockchain just keeps on rising. From the looks of it, many crypto users are investing colossal money on Blockchain hitting the value of crypto out of the ball park.

The thing about Blockchain is that it requires some good investment but is it worth it? There is no doubt about that. Blockchain is the secret key that keeps a tab on crypto issues and simplifies currency exchanges making it more private and trusty.

If that is the case then more and more companies are going to turn to investing in Blockchain by big numbers, making 2019 the year of Blockchain!

·       Bitcoin's big bounce back

When the word crypto comes up, it is only natural to think about Bitcoin. What cryptocurrency is today is majorly due to Bitcoin being the Optimus Prime of the crypto world and we believe that is not going to change. Not for now, at least.

But what we also believe is that unlike the past few years since its inception, fate will not be as kind to Bitcoin like it was before. However, the Bitcoin revolution is still going to remain persistent as the Bitcoin market now deals with two-sided trading, an ingenious way to hit high BTC numbers given that the cursed spell on cryptocurrencies is lifted up.

·       True crypto values will fly high

The crypto ruin managed to successfully achieve one pro and that was it wiped the slate of crypto sector, clean. Prior to this, a lot of scams were active and the crypto market avoided from putting them out in the public eye. As recently, a lot of cryptocurrencies went down, the crypto scams were brought into the light and majority of the projects were shut down.

Putting it simply, there was a cleanse in the crypto sector and the purge was successful in putting out the unneeded flame of cryptocurrencies that were either scam or useless. What would be useful is a generous crypto cleansing every once in a while would pave the pathway for genuine cryptocurrencies. The right cryptocurrencies will remain and continue doling true value.

The Final Verdict

We are not going to lie. The last years have been crazy for all the financial markets and cryptocurrency has the taken the highest blame for it. Crypto enthusiasts are holding their breaths and crypto users are stalling for time. The pressure is high on Fintech to get back on feet and ensure online cryptocurrency exchanges are made successful again.

And sure, it is going to be a while, maybe even months before cryptocurrencies regain their status but one can at least believe in the power of crypto. As they say, a little investment never hurt anyone!