Reasons why investing in cryptocurrencies today makes sense

December 02, 2018 Quick read

Cryptocurrencies have risen in value for quite some time now. Ever since the peak in value  they achieved in late 2017, cryptocurrencies have seen a surge in interest from people of all walks of life. Many corporate MNCs too, are jumping on the bandwagon, setting up working groups to see how they can take advantage of this massive investment opportunity.  Its not just Bitcoin that can give you fantastic returns, there are many other alternative ‘alt coins’ that have enormous potential to be investment assets. This current market scenario is perfect to make an investment into cryptocurrencies as the prices of Bitcoins and other cryptos has been falling ever since the start of 2018. Let us see some other reasons why investing in cryptocurrencies today makes a lot of sense.

Framing of improved cryptocurrency regulations

With the interest in cryptocurrency increasing, Governments and regulators have been forced to frame better cryptocurrency regulations that can help to reduce uncertainty. This also helps to boost trade and investment in the coins through Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Better regulations will also thwart attempts to introduce ponzi schemes and scams related to cryptocurrencies. Regulations will ensure that people can invest their hard earned money in cryptos through Instant Cryptocurrency Exchanges without worrying about being cheated in any way.

Full freedom in handling your investments

Contrary to the point above, cryptocurrencies do give you a sense of freedom to handle your investments which traditional investment mediums do not give you.  When you invest in cryptocurrencies, you do not need to pay high transaction fees to the banks or websites to process your transaction, you can get Bitcoins or other altcoins in your wallet at a fraction of the cost. You also can store Bitcoins in a secure online wallet, much like a demat account for shares without having to follow many rules set forth by regulators.

As cryptocurrencies are decentralised, the need for change comes from the masses, showing true democracy in the system.  However, you need to ensure that you do not do anything against the regulations put forth by the Government in dealing with Cryptocurrencies. Instead, you can always use the blockchain to mine coins and earn legitimately.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is simple

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, you can do so on your own without any issue. Investing here is no rocket science. Anyone can set up a online wallet and buy cryptocurrencies through online cryptocurrencies exchanges for a small transaction fee. You do not need the services of any intermediary to invest in cryptos the way you do with investing in shares or debt instruments.

There are many avenues for investment

For those who invested in Bitcoin before Bitcoin reached its peak in 2017, it has been one of the best investment strategies which have given them mind boggling returns. The media too has been going gung-ho about the enormous potential Bitcoin has for getting fantastic returns. However, it is not only Bitcoin that can give you good returns. Other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Monero and others too are capable and have been able to generate good returns for its users.

No matter how attractive other forms of investment are, there is no doubt that investment in Cryptos is one way you can multiply your investments. Many people are still not that much aware of the benefits they can get while investing in cryptos like Bitcoin, but once investments are made, your small investments can make you a millionaire. Do invest now before the best time lapses.