Round-Up Article for Some Informative blogs by Evonax in the Month of September

October 01, 2018 Quick read

The month of September was a mixed bag for the cryptocurrency market. There have been many hits and misses when it comes to valuations, with the market cap falling from $240 billion to $192.1 billion within a week and then rising to $227 billion by the end of the month. Evonax has been tracking the entire market for quite some time now and through this blog, has been helping people like you understand how the markets work. Let us take a brief overview at all the top articles for the month of September.

Why Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency worth buying?

Most of us know about Bitcoin and how much it has appreciated over the years. This article gives you an insight of Dogecoin, an alternative cryptocurrency worth investing in.  It explains how this currency is different from Bitcoin and how it can be useful to you.

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How to trade Dash Cryptocurrency in the safest way?

When Bitcoin was launched, it was seen as a beacon of how cryptocurrencies should work. Dash, a Cryptocurrency launched in 2014, was designed to make transactions faster, safer and anonymous. This article tells you how to trade in dash coins in the safest way.

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Significant things to consider before selecting a Cryptocurrency Exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange is the primary way you can trade in cryptocurrencies. However,  with the many exchanges available online, the one that you need to choose can become confusing. Here is an article that guides you to see check the right things before you zero in your options.

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An Introductory Guide on Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash is not a subsidiary of Bitcoin. It is a fork currency of Bitcoin that was developed in August 2017 to increase the block size of Bitcoin. This article lets you know everything about Bitcoin Cash.

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How the evolution of cryptocurrency took place?

Cryptocurrencies are quite a recent phenomenon. Concrete steps for it took place only after Bitcoin was created in 2008. Till then, people were still fascinated by credit cards and online transactions of virtual money. This article lets you know how cryptocurrency evolved and what the future for it beholds.

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How to apply Fundamental Analysis(FA) Technique in Crypto Trading?

While understanding the financial health of companies, we use technical jargon like Fundamental Analysis(FA). For cryptocurrencies, this is quite similar, although you do not need to understand any other jargon for this. This article explains how Fundamental Analysis is used in crypto trading.

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The Growing dominance of Bitcoin and its effect on the Long term market

Cryptocurrencies are considered the most volatile of all commodities and securities that are traded and invested in. Of this, Bitcoin has gained an immense popularity and dominance as the most traded cryptocurrency- its m-cap even surged $300 million during the Cryptocurrency market surge. This article sheds light on Bitcoin and how it has affected the Long Term Market.

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A beginners guide to Bitcoin and Altcoin Cryptocurrency Trading

Here is an article for those of you who want to invest and trade in Bitcoin and Altcoin but are clueless about how to do so. Here you will get the general guidelines helping you to make the right decisions before you start trading.

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Why Dogecoin is considered beneficial for investors?

Dogecoin was earlier considered as a meme coin with its logo still having a meme. Since the time it has been launched, Dogecoin has been considered as a clone to Litecoin whose technology is completely different to it. This article lets you know how Dogecoin was eventually able to create a reputation for itself and how it has become beneficial for investors.

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Is Dogecoin destined to be successful?

Dogecoin became popular because of the technology that it was based on. It is a peer to peer digital currency which uses Blockchain technology.  It has grown exponentially over the years. The question remains is how successful will it become? This article will shed some light on that.

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