An Introductory Guide on Bitcoin Cash

September 21, 2018 Quick read

The name Bitcoin Cash could give you the idea that this is a subsidiary of the Bitcoin which is actually a false notion. The Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency was derived from Bitcoin back in August 2017 as a fork cryptocurrency. This fork was made in an attempt to increase the block size of Bitcoin. A group of developers prepared a change in the code which would allow them to increase the block size for which they were successful.

The Bitcoin Cash was then born in the right smack middle of cryptocurrency golden age. It became one of the leading cryptocurrencies and got included in the list of top ten cryptocurrencies in the market. The system of Bitcoin Cash is completely different than of the Bitcoin which has attracted many users over the time. The Bitcoin Cash is not only different than Bitcoin but it is also advanced than Bitcoin system. Here is a detailed view on Bitcoin Cash that will brief you more about the origin and current situation of Bitcoin Cash.

Origin history

The Bitcoin Cash was founded by a group of developers in an attempt to increase the block size of Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin had a limit of one MB on each block which was included as a defensive measure to avoid spam and DDoS-attacks. The increasing user base of Bitcoin caused the blocks to pile up slowing down the transaction process. This group of developers successfully changed the codes increasing the block size which resulted in the birth of Bitcoin Cash in August 2017.

Bitcoin Cash source

The Bitcoin Cash is a great cryptocurrency which is available on many Cryptocurrency Exchange platforms such as Evonax. The Bitcoin Cash can also be mined but the users prefer to buy cryptocurrencies on online cryptocurrency exchange platforms in exchange for USD or other cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin Cash is one of the best cryptocurrencies on the market which makes it a cryptocurrency that can be obtained easily. Hence Bitcoin Cash can be obtained from crypto exchange platforms and mining.

Bitcoin Cash market

The Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency was born in a golden age of cryptocurrencies. The market of cryptocurrency was growing and it took a rapid surge during the end of 2017. This also hiked the prices of Bitcoin Cash to a peak point. During the hike, the market capital of Bitcoin Cash reached up to $69 billion USD. This hike was also deteriorated when the price started to drop down. But comparing to other cryptocurrencies, the Bitcoin Cash maintained to replenish to a decent point in the market.

Bitcoin Cash present

The Bitcoin Cash is one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the world that has over $7 billion USD as market capital. This market capital has allowed Bitcoin Cash to rank fourth in the list of best cryptocurrencies in the world. There are many active users who are constantly investing in Bitcoin Cash. Major Cryptocurrency exchange platforms include online Bitcoin Cash exchange services and even Online Bitcoin Exchange and many other prominent cryptocurrency exchanges.

Here is a detailed view of the number four ranking cryptocurrency in the world. This will help you know more about Bitcoin Cash and its origins. If you wish to invest in Bitcoin Cash then make sure that you conduct a complete market research on the cryptocurrency before you invest in them. This research would include crypto exchange platform adoption, cryptocurrency market capital, market fluctuation, etc.