Round-Up Article for Some Notable blogs by Evonax in April Month

May 12, 2018 Quick read

Here is a brief view of Articles of April month by This shows the readers the influence of cryptocurrency in the world market and in the businesses of investors from all over the world. Many of these articles also show insight on some popular cryptocurrencies and their benefits.

Types of Crypto Coin Wallets

The investors who invest in cryptocurrencies know all the tricks and market loopholes for investing. It is due time that they know about safe methods of storing cryptocurrencies. This article will help them keep their cryptocurrencies that they earned by investing or using online cryptocurrency exchange platforms safe. Here the wallets and their different types are elaborated for investors to understand and select based on their requirements.
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Dogecoin – The Meme Crypto Coin

This article focuses on Dogecoin and its benefits of investment. It also briefs about the market history and the data collected over time that can define Dogecoin as an appropriate option for investing. By getting to know Dogecoin you can exchange Dogecoin for Bitcoin and more prominent cryptocurrencies.
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A Beginner’s Guide to Dash cryptocurrency

Dash is a well-established cryptocurrency that has attracted many investors and miner in the following years. The technology that Dash uses is high-end and much more different than other powerful crypto coins that are mentioned in this article. The article also elaborates regarding market history, Dash exchange, market value, etc.
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The Future of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is ranked first on the cryptocurrency ranking list. The technology that it uses is completely secure and full proof. Being investor’s bread and butter, Bitcoin has the highest market capitalization than any other crypto coin. The article is regarding market history, Bitcoin exchange, market value, etc of the crypto-coin king “The Bitcoin”.
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Common crypto trading mistakes and their prevention

Even though people have been investing in cryptocurrencies since the introduction of Bitcoin, they make many common mistakes that can ruin their complete game. This article describes these common mistakes and their prevention such as collateral investment, online cryptocurrency exchange, market history, statics, etc.
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Everything You Need to Known about Cryptocurrency Exchange

This article describes complete information regarding the cryptocurrency exchange and their benefits. This will help you secure your investment in an effective way by allowing you to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies collaterally. This article also expresses different techniques to access exchange platform for their trustworthiness.
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Why investing in cryptocurrency is beneficial for Millennials?

The millennial population is connected to the internet on a personal level and most of their business depends on the internet. This article shows the advantages of investing in cryptocurrency rather traditional stocks and their long-term outcomes. This article also shows techniques to buy Bitcoin online which is considered as the most popular crypto coin.
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Why Monero is the next best thing for Investors?

Monero is the new upcoming cryptocurrency that has tasted the glory in a short period of time. This article focuses on methods to earn Monero with the help of mining and cryptocurrency exchange platforms. This also elaborates the future of Monero as a cryptocurrency and the security of Monero and the safety of your investment.
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These were some of the notable articles that have been published by You can also check previous articles that elaborate the mining process and some future prediction of cryptocurrency world.