Why investing in cryptocurrency is beneficial for Millennials?

April 06, 2018 Quick read

Do you belong to an age group from 20 to 30? Then you will know about cryptocurrency and the concept of earning some extra cash from it. The cryptocurrency has made a massive impact in the market with its decentralized management manner and low-cost transaction. The most prominent cryptocurrency Bitcoin has a market capitalization of over $147 billion USD as of March 2018. This has attracted many investors from all over the world.

The millennial group is a smart generation who understands the value of the money as well as the significance of the technology. This is the perfect combination to understand the concept of Bitcoin and plan the strategy to earn with the help of cryptocurrency. Even still according to a survey it was found that only 30% of Millennials are ready to invest in cryptocurrency. These numbers suggest that a generation that is proficient in technology knows very little about cryptocurrency and their benefits. Here are some facts that will show you that investing in cryptocurrency is beneficial for Millennials.

Decentralized Currency

The decentralization of the currency allows you to transfer currency amongst your associates that are encrypted by a cryptographic algorithm. The effect on the stock prices or market catastrophes such as inflammations doesn’t affect the cryptocurrencies because of the decentralized nature of the cryptocurrencies. This will keep your investment in cryptocurrency secure and anonymous.


The security is one of the aspects that make cryptocurrency popular amongst investors and tech geeks. The technology that cryptocurrencies use is known as “Blockchain” which is the best cryptographic algorithm ever founded. The data of the user and account details remain secure in the database. This also prevents any data thefts and coin duplication that might jeopardize the integrity of the cryptocurrency. The applications of Blockchain are now extended in many other sectors such as education, military defense, medical healthcare, etc apart from cryptocurrency. Therefore the security of the Blockchain is high-end and so your investment remains secure.

Seamless International Trading

Although the cryptocurrency is not followed as a legal tender in many nations the trading of cryptocurrency happens without any hassle in other nations. If you have an international business partner with whom you are conducting business then the fund transfer with that partner becomes easy with cryptocurrency. The exchange rate or the country’s economy doesn’t affect the value of the cryptocurrency or the currency transfer. The peer-to-peer mechanism of the Blockchain technology makes the cross-border transfers easy and without any complications.

Identity Security

The transactions that happen with cryptocurrencies are totally anonymous and untraceable. Hence the personal data of the users remain secure in the database of the cryptocurrency. The Blockchain technology makes it completely secure and the transaction data remains hidden until the user wants to keep it safe. The address in the cryptocurrency is basically a random alphanumeric string that is assigned to each user. This string is what helps the Blockchain recognize the user and complete the transaction.

Market Security

The market capital of prominent cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and Monero is ranged in millions. This means that the people are continuously investing in these cryptocurrencies and as a result, the market of this cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly. Experts assess that the rapid growth suggests future investment growth of the users. Hence the market for crypto coins has a bright future and is considered fruitful.

These facts suggest that investing in cryptocurrency is safe. As being a millennial generation, the concept of investing in cryptocurrency must be clear. Even still you have to be careful in investing in random cryptocurrencies. You can invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and Monero that involves less risk factor. You can buy Bitcoin online if you are willing to start investing from the top and when you make a reasonable profit, you can invest collaterally in other cryptocurrencies.