Use Evonax to your cryptocoin mining setup is perfect for miners who want to exchange their mined coins instantly.

We have made Evonax so clever that the address you get in the exchange flow is 100% unique. Furthermore, the address never stops listening for incoming exchanges and it will automatically exchange time you send coins to it. This makes perfect for mining as you can exchange your mined coins instantly.

The only thing you need do to is make an exchange and copy the address directly into your mining software. Hereafter your mining outcomes will be send to the address and exchanged automatically and sent to the wallet provided in the first exchange. Smart, right?

That means that you instantly can get e.g. Bitcoins even when mining another crypto coin or vica versa. You can make all the Evonax addresses that you want and each address contains information about your chosen to and from currency. You make an address by using the form on the homepage.

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What is cryptocoin mining?

Cryptocoin mining is simply the software process that solves math and thereby generates crypto coins as a compensation or reward to the miners. The amount of mined cryptocoins depends on the miners computer powers. If you contribute with a lot of computer power you will increase your mining capabilities and your crypto coin outcome and vica versa. It sounds simple, but you probably already now that it is a bit more complex.

There are 6 steps to cryptocoin mining:

  1. Choose crypto coins:
    Before starting your mining adventure, you obviously need to choose what crypto currency you want to mine. There are many options here. Use sites like to find the exact coin of your choice. Be aware that not all coins supports mining.
  2. Get the hardware:
    You need computer hardware to mine cryptocoins. Unfortunately, you need to do a bit of research here. A powerful gaming computer will not always be the most powerful cryptocoin mining setup. Some companies have even specialized in custom mining hardware based on ASIC chips fx. Antminer form Bitmain that perform a lot better than a personal computer.
  3. Get the software:
    When you mining-hardware is in place, you need some software. Once again, we advise you to do some additional research, as there are a lot of crypto coin mining software out there. Most of it can do the job. The most important thing is that you find a user-friendly software that support the coins you want to mine. Furthermore if you plan to join a pool, be aware that some pools use a specific mining tool.
  4. Join a mining pool:
    This is optional, but by joining a mining pool, you work together with other miners to solve a block. First when a block is solved you a rewarded, so this increase your chances radically. See a full list of mining-pools here:
  5. Get a wallet:
    A wallet is essential to storing, receiving and sending crypto coins. We recommend - it is a fast, easy and secure web based wallet that works great and have a intuitive interface. Once you have a wallet you have a place to store your mined coins.
  6. Exchange your coins:
    Bitcoin is the most popular crypto coin today and that means that most places that accept crypto coins payments, only supports Bitcoins. Nevertheless, Cryptocoin mining is much more than mining Bitcoins. Thousands of miners are doing a great job mining other crypto coins like Litecoins, Namecoins, Peercoins, Dogecoins and many more and most miners want these exchanged to Bitcoins. On the other hand, miners that mine Bitcoins sometimes want to exchange to other coins to spread their risk.

Setup you mining-software to automatic exchanges

When you setup your mining software, you have to submit your wallet address. The mining software will then send the mined coins to this address. Let us say that you mine Litecoins and enters your Litecoin wallet address. If you then want Bitcoins instead of Litecoin, you can manually exchange them afterwards here at

Then you might ask - can I do this smarter? We are glad you asked!

The answer is yes! You can actually reuse the address that we provide when you make an exchange. This address is unique for you and will always be open for your transactions. Furthermore, it is also intelligent. It automatically exchange every transaction you send to it. This also make is usable to enter directly into your mining software.

Just enter the address into your mining software and your mining outcomes will be sent to the address and thereafter exchanged automatically and sent to your wallet. Smart, right? That means you instantly get e.g. Bitcoins when mining another crypto coin or vica versa.

Get your address now >