How to adapt to cryptocurrency ads regulations. Evonax

November 01, 2021 Quick read

One of the main problems in the crypto community is the issue of acceptability. While some parts of the world have been moving on to accepting, some others have been having issues with comprehending what crypto is all about. Cryptocurrency and its acceptance have grown. Nonetheless, it still hasn’t gotten to the peak of its growth, and the only way to enhance this is by advertising. The issue of crypto advertisement is another problem facing the crypto community, which is pulling the growth of the crypto community.

The acceptance of crypto ads is limited to some areas, regulated and completely banned in some areas. Nonetheless, it is essential to note that the publicity of cryptocurrency depends on both advertisements on social media platforms and referrals. During the last decade, cryptocurrency advertisement has been majorly by referrals, and we are in the digital era. Cryptos enthusiasts believe the growth of cryptocurrency might have been doubled had it been crypto ads have been adopted. Nonetheless, it is important to note that a few platforms have now endorsed their acceptance of crypto ads, allowing instant crypto exchange sites to advertise their services using their platforms.


Camping down of the Google Ads policy against cryptocurrency

Before now, Google was one of those few giant social media platforms to tag cryptocurrency as a scam. Since then, it has prohibited every mention of cryptocurrency across its platforms, making it quite impossible for any crypto-related transactions to be carried out via its platforms. Nonetheless, since Facebook has reduced its effectiveness on the ban of crypto ads, Google has also clamped down its ads ban policy. Hence, it now allows its platforms to be used to propagate crypto ads, since it has since loosened its grip on crypto ads restrictions. It’s now possible for crypto wallets and exchange platforms to advertise their services. In fact, reports indicate that Google invited advisers on cryptocurrencies to apply for several commercial opportunities, which would help them understand what the crypto community is all about. The restriction of crypto ads by Google was very much effective in 2018 where almost all the big names across social media platforms went up high against cryptocurrency. Facebook was one of the first social media platforms to tag cryptocurrency as a scam and a money-laundering scheme. However, growth and proper insight have given a better understanding of cryptocurrency and how it could help the economy grow even better.


The Facebook ads policy on cryptocurrency regulation

As mentioned above, Facebook clamped down on cryptocurrency ads regulation was in 2018 when it was tagged as a scam. However, exchange platforms and other crypto-related organizations can now advertise their crypto-related services on Facebook. Most individuals prefer advertising their crypto services on Facebook because it has a vast database, making it very easy to reach a wide range of individuals with just one post on Facebook. The effectiveness of crypto ads on Facebook is one that would have huge feedback, especially the sponsored crypto ads. Hence, the regulation of cryptocurrency would have little or no effect on the growth of cryptocurrency if the crypto ads could get to the appropriate audience. Thanks to Facebook and Google, this can now be achieved with little or no stress.

The central bank regulates everything about the traditional fiat, unlike crypto, which is completely decentralized with no central governing body. The issue of crypto regulation, especially in developed countries like the United States, the UK, and China, has grown exponentially. Many more countries are now looking forward to the acceptance of crypto-related transactions. Countries like Greece and the Netherlands are looking forward to having a national digital currency since Euro intends to break away from the Eurozone, which might birth secession. Hence, in areas like these, the issue of cryptocurrency regulation has to be a consensus, which would only come when there’s proper sensitization of what crypto is about – the reason why they should clamp down on regulation of cryptocurrency ads and why it (crypto) should be accepted as a medium of exchange and for transactional purposes. It is true that most individuals do not still understand what cryptocurrency is, and the reason is that they have been too familiarized with the traditional fiat. Hence, this is making the transition from the traditional fiat to the cryptocurrency community somewhat impossible. General acceptability of cryptocurrency would not be an easy fit, but the bulk of the work depends on crypto ads and how effective it could get; it’s currently on the positive side.