Cryptocurrency adoption and its influence on small scale investment and developing countries

March 09, 2021 Quick read

Cryptocurrency adoption and its influence on small scale investment and developing countries 

Suppose you are conversant with the crypto space or follow Cryptocurrency news. In that case, you'd understand that digital currencies are the currency of the future. There is no more news that the crypto space is growing by the day and tonnes of individuals are now seeing reasons why they should adopt cryptos. Some firms and institutions now accept Bitcoin and other forms of crypto as payment methods in exchange for services rendered. Comparing the growth in investment in the crypto space, you'd understand that small scale investors are looking forward to improving by market strategies and income rates by adopting crypto.

On the other hand, large scale investments prefer holding investments like Bitcoin and Ethereum on a long term basis. However, investors on small scale investments cannot adopt this strategy. Hence, investors need to study the trends in the crypto market and understand its liquidity. 

Crypto and developing countries 

 A developing country is one with a less developed industrial base than another country. It also has a low human development index. Be sure to note that most countries tagged as "developing countries" have various things incoming. Since the inclusion of finances is added to the yardstick to measuring if a country is developed or not, it becomes essential to focus on the large and small scale investment. They give the comprehensive financial report of a country. 

The focus is on small scale investors. Hence, they have thrived in economies because they have remained consistent with the supply and demand rate. Most large scale investments have the capability of exploring other means, leveraging on factors that could help them improve their level of production. Small scale investors, on the other hand, cannot rely on this strategy. Financial institutions, on the other hand, are not ready to finance any small scale investment. These factors make it quite difficult for small scale investments to boom in the economy. 

With the adoption of cryptocurrency, it becomes easier for small scale investors to improve their production and increase their outputs. As mentioned earlier, large scale investors prefer running with either Bitcoin or Ethereum since it's on a long term basis. On the contrary, small scale investors have the opportunity to choose currencies with tendencies of growing bigger sooner, taking Tron for example. It's still minimal, and pocket-friendly to acquire, and most industries and small scale firms are now investing – planning 2-3 years down the lines. With most small-scale investors in the crypto space, there's sure going to be an increase in the number of holders and buyers of these currencies, which will help increase the supply of this coin in the crypto space. However, an increase in supply will help increase the price of this currency (from the basic principle of demand and supply). 

Cryptocurrency has helped to build most under-developed countries into developing countries. Since most economic sectors are now endorsing crypto and technology advancing by the day, the country is bound to be developed. Once there's development in the economy, small scale investors will also grow into becoming large scale. Therefore, it is safe to say that more focus should be placed on those at the base of the economy triangle (small scale investors) in other to improve the economy of any country. In their own way, they, small-scale investors, help improve the capital market by adopting the use of cryptocurrency. 

Digital currencies are fast-growing worldwide, and the impact is magnanimous. It has helped improved international trade between the two countries. Peradventure, you are a small scale investor with clients and partners all over the globe. Fiat and exchange rates could be very tiresome at some point. But, with the adoption of digital currency, you could trade with anybody anywhere in the world. With the hope of getting paid for services rendered in crypto, you can be sure of the growth of your small-scale business.

Nonetheless, the amount is the same anywhere across the globe. The current price of Bitcoin in the United States is the same as that in the United Kingdom. It still hasn't changed with the price of Bitcoin in China. Hence, the homogeneity of digital currencies' price is another essential factor that has helped small scale investors carry out trades across the country. With the level of advancements in the crypto space, most developing countries with the adoption of digital currencies will soon become developed. Digital currencies are the currency of the future, and small scale businesses need to wake up to this reality.