Round-Up Article for Some Fascinating Crypto Blogs by Evonax in May

May 31, 2019 Quick read

The crypto market alongside everything else is five months in the year of 2019 and it seems to have picked up rapid pace in FinTech. Since April, this month proved to be extremely decent for cryptocurrencies as BTC almost regained its balance with its price shooting up to almost $6000. Other cryptocurrencies on any Cryptocurrency Exchange platform are faring just as well proving that May was indeed a great month that allowed the crypto market a much-needed breather to regain its balance and come out stronger than ever.

During this time, a lot of interesting revelations about crypto popped up all around the place - A clear indication that the cryptocurrency market is not ready to back down just yet. So, here's a round-up article by Evonax that highlights our top crypto blogs for May that you will truly enjoy!

1.     Successful Tips on How to Overcome and Win against a Crypto Bubble Burst

If you are an investor who regularly partakes in cryptocurrency exchanges then you know that the unexpected never comes knocking. A crypto bubble burst is part of the most unexpected astonishments of the market where the crypto bubble burst of 2017 went down in the books of history as the biggest bubble burst of them all.

The crypto investors undoubtedly had a tough time dealing with this outbreak and till date believe that there was more that they could have done to overcome it. Equip yourself for the same and read the tips to overcome a crypto bubble burst at

2.     What is the Difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Ever since its inception in the crypto realm, Bitcoin went to transform everything that FinTech stood for and became the most popular digital currencies of all time owing to its incredible encryption mechanisms of being secure, fast and decentralized. Inspite of its immense success, Bitcoin falters in its speed when it comes to handling multiple transactions at a time.

To manage this situation, a fellow cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Cash came into the light averting these hurdles and establishing its powerful schemes to surpass those of Bitcoin. Learn the notable differences between the two top cryptocurrencies at

3.     A Beginners Guide to Mining Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash mining has been cited as a notable preference for crypto-eager enthusiasts who have adopted smart mining tactics for their personal financial gains. Beating its peer cryptocurrency, Bitcoin's mining has taken a backseat as Bitcoin Cash mining continues to shine in the crypto market by dint of its large mining block size competencies.

However, when it comes to mining a cryptocurrency, one should ensure that the process of handing the mining procedures of a cryptocurrency as huge as Bitcoin Cash should be grappled with ease. Read everything you need to know as a beginner mining Bitcoin Cash in the following guide:

4.     A Crypto Guide to Bitcoin Trading Bots

The latest advancement in the crypto market is Bitcoin trading bots that are paving a way for numerous other crypto innovations to come into the limelight and pose multiple abilities being offered by online trading platforms. Although, these bots are powerful softwares that enable investors to carry out auto-trading with ease, it is very important that every crypto magnate deals with such complicated machinery in the right manner.

Understand everything that you need to know about Bitcoin trading bots from what they are, what they do, how one should handle them and why one necessarily needs them at

5.     7 Significant Reasons to Buy Monero in 2019

Like its competitors Bitcoin and Ethereum, Monero has successfully carved a niche in the crypto market as one of the most popular cryptocurrencies of all time. And there are enough good reasons for that - A Monero Exchange is so secure that it eliminates all possible means of traceability deeming the identity of the investors as near impossible to crack or trace, in this matter.

However, that's not the only thing Monero is good at - Find out 7 surprisingly significant reasons to buy Monero in 2019 at

To sum it up, these blogs are the top reading picks by Evonax for May. Let us know if you found these interesting and which one out of these ended up being your favourite pick of the lot.