Why the Bitcoin ROI Is a Clear Winner amongst Other Financial Assets

May 07, 2019 Quick read

Since the time it took a step into FinTech, Bitcoin has caught brokers as well as bankers off the guard owing to its competency to achieve significant equitable outcomes along with unprecedented return on investments which is a remarkable bout to be attained by such a new cryptocurrency at the start of its financial journey.

Post the big Bitcoin bang, every crypto critic out there pitted Bitcoin against other financial assets such as tech stocks which resulted in Bitcoin being termed as the digital edition of Gold.

The one thing that has remain undeterred time and time again has to be the multiple returns acquired on the multiple financial assets which in spite having tasted unprecedented levels of success are nowhere near the powerful gains won by Bitcoin.

Bitcoin's Battle against Gold, Oil and S&P 500

Only in the last two years i.e. the entire period from 2017 to 2018 were easily the years that were owned by Bitcoin. While 2017 saw Bitcoin become the most powerful cryptocurrency on the planet and Online Bitcoin Exchanges skyrocket to huge heights, the fall in Bitcoin's value in December 2017 sent news registers ringing and was observed on the public's radar.

The fall was as high as 85% and gained the title of being the first cryptocurrency in the history to earn a bad reputation in the eyes of all old and eager investors eyeing the to spend on a cryptocurrency by dint of its booming popularity.

On the contrary, other crypto-frenzied masses still cite Bitcoin to be the best investment asset out of them all. The last two years in themselves are proof to the fact that although Bitcoin observed a steady decline in its pricing, the colossal cryptocurrency remains the king of majority of the market cap of FinTech so much so that the high returns that have been attained by Gold, Oil and even S&P 500 have not been enough.

Let's observe the past two year returns on the numerous financial assets such as Gold, Oil, S&P 500 and Bitcoin.

·       Bitcoin: 457%

·       S&P 500: 19.9%

·       Gold: 1.3%

·       Oil: 31%

Bitcoin's price nature has been unbalanced from the very start of its inception indicating that every investment portfolio in existence needs some exposure to the brilliant cryptocurrency by Satoshi Nakomoto.

In the same way yet differently, Bitcoin gave a profitable push to investors with a 457% return in the past two years itself. On the contrary, Gold only managed to bring in 1.3%, Oil brought a mere 31% and S&P 500 managed to scrape by with 19.9% profits.

The crypto market believes this to be a commendable achievement for Bitcoin considering it has endured a bear market for quite some time now.

Bitcoin's Emergence as a True Winner against Soaring Tech Stocks

For the past ten years, tech stocks have basked in the success of their substantial growth combating against Bitcoin. And yet, Bitcoin managed to emerge as a true winner against the soaring tech stocks.

Tech stocks in particular have had a booming past of crazy high gains and still look weak in front of Bitcoin. This goes to show Bitcoin's incredible performance against financial assets indicating why it's a clear winner - All that was achieved in the past decade.

With Cryptocurrency Exchanges not looking to slow down anytime soon, Bitcoin will revolutionize FinTech and leave other financial assets back in the dust after the craze of the rat race dies down.