Round-Up Article for Some Crypto-Enriching Blogs by Evonax in March

March 31, 2019 Quick read

The month of March usually clocks in a dry spell as the momentum of the New Year comparatively dies down and that’s usually the case with all sectors except for cryptocurrencies – The digitally encrypted currency is setting new benchmarks for FinTech and proving that 2019 is going to be a lucky year for crypto.

From battling it out at a recession zone, crypto has come a long way and as an online cryptocurrency exchange platform that deals in crypto matters, we have narrowed down our top blog picks for the month of March that will get you crypto-engaged in no time!

1.     Everything That You Need to Know About Crypto-Backed Loans and Taxes!

Traditional loans come with the baggage of hassling interest rates and high tax rates that can bear it brunt on your monthly income and sit heavy on the weight of your shoulders. The other alternative to traditional loans is crypto-backed loans that ease out tax liabilities and do not urge any extra tax implications or deductions keeping your personal assets secure.

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2.     Crypto Recession: Crypto Audience Cites How the Crypto Market Still Exists!

Ever since the inception of cryptocurrencies, major coins like Bitcoin have bore the heavy burden of unexpected pitfalls time and time again. From enduring a prolonged recession period to experiencing all-time-high price value surges, cryptocurrencies have faced it all. The crypto recession period of 2018 has been the longest till date and yet the crypto market still exists.

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3.     Facebook Breaks New Ground with its in-Development Crypto Coin Innovation for WhatsApp!

The mammoth social media giant, Facebook has joined the bandwagon of enthusiasts that are exploring crypto to reach its full potential. Fusing WhatsApp’s social media practices with cryptocurrencies could only mean one thing – Evonax believes that money transfers can now be faster among hugely populated countries and crypto could be on the verge of worldwide dominance.

It’s true! WhatsApp and cryptocurrencies have joined forces! You can read more about this development at

4.     Bitcoin versus Traditional Money: A Debate Weighing Crypto’s Mettle in FinTech

The debate has long lasted comparing two extremely popular currencies, Bitcoin and Traditional Money where people all around the world are comparing the multiple capabilities both the currencies pose along with drawing straws to determine which currency is better. Bitcoin’s brilliant mechanisms are a tough competition for traditional money schemes authorized exchange platforms.

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5.     Monero Wallet Address: How to Create One and Use It Online

Bitcoin’s emergence as a true crypto triumph is test that crypto users tend to not notice other eminent cryptocurrencies of the market – One such cryptocurrency is Monero. Unlike Bitcoin, Monero Exchanges are faster and more secure, reinventing the way cryptocurrency transfers generally occur on the crypto network.

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